Iphone 12 MiniSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple's iPhone 12 mini comes to market later this week.
  • The first reviews have just gone live.
  • It's looking good, but battery life might be a concern.

Apple's iPhone 12 mini is the iPhone tons of people have been waiting for and some people have been using one for about a week. Those people are reviewers – and they've begun sharing their thoughts across the internet.

With iPhone 12 mini being so small video reviews are where it's at. I think you really need to see this thing alongside other objects to get a feel of just how small it is. And there are plenty of videos to take in.

The overall theme is that iPhone 12 mini is a winner, but that small form factor could potentially be an issue for anyone who needs their iPhone to last a long time on a single charge of its battery.

A selection of the best reviews you can watch includes:

Rene Ritchie


The Verge

Peter McKinnon

Dave Lee

So what do you think? Do you have an iPhone 12 mini on pre-order and do these reviews change your mind about it? Sound off and let me know in the comments!