I'd very much like to know how many iPhone 12 minis have been sold

Black iPhone 12 mini standing upright
Black iPhone 12 mini standing upright (Image credit: iMore)

We recently saw a new Ming-Chi Kuo report say that no 5.4-inch iPhone will be part of the 2022 iPhone lineup. We'll still get one as part of the iPhone 13 fun later this year, though. But after that, nada. And it's surely no surprise.

Before Apple announced the iPhone 12 mini towards the end of 2021 there was much excitement. People ran through the streets, garments in hand, waxing poetic about how a smaller iPhone was all they'd ever wanted. And some of them bought one as well.

But not enough.

Apple of course doesn't tell us how many specific iPhones it sells anymore and it hasn't for some time. Analysts try to work these things out based on supply chain throughput and whatnot, but it's guessing at best. But I'd love to know how many iPhone 12 minis have been sold and how that compares with projections made before launch. Come on Apple, drop me an email – I promise I won't tell anyone else!

Iphone 12 Mini Purple Back Hero

Iphone 12 Mini Purple Back Hero (Image credit: Joe Keller / iMore)

We've been hearing rumors of poor iPhone 12 sales ever since the thing landed on store shelves – so many rumors at this point that there has to be some truth to the story. Anecdotally, I've never seen an iPhone 12 mini in the wild. Not once. I know of one person who owns one and they're on the internet, not real life. So you could argue they don't even exist.

Kuo says that the 2022 iPhone story will consist of two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch models, suggesting Apple has been told by the masses that they want large iPhones but don't want to pay large iPhone Pro prices. That's cool and makes sense. But Apple was also told by half the internet that they wanted a small iPhone without compromising on speed and features. Heck, that was the subhead of our iPhone 12 mini review!

The most advanced features in a very small form factor. What more could you want?

Turns out, people wanted a bit more screen. And something more to hold on to. And a bigger battery, while we're writing our wishlist.

Maybe they wanted all that in a small iPhone which isn't happening for boring physics reasons. But time will tell whether the people telling Apple they want big, cheap iPhones are any more right than the people saying people wanted small and fast ones.

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