The Impossible Game for iPhone review

I'm not going to lie, deciding to review The Impossible Game for iPhone was not an easy decision, because, well, it's nearly impossible! I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't even made it past the first level, yet. But despite that, I'm still having fun and am totally addicted. That's why I've decided The Impossible Game is worthy of a review.

The Impossible Game is a side-scrolling platformer and was the best selling Xbox Live Indie Game. One may compare it the popular rhythm-based action platformer Bit Trip Runner. Part of what makes The Impossible Game so difficult, is that when you die, you immediately respawn at the beginning of the level. If you want to practice a certain section of the level, you can drop a flag as a checkpoint to enter practice mode, but you still won't get credit for completing the level until you've played through the whole level without dying.

In The Impossible Game, you control a square as it scrolls across the screen. You can perform one action with this square -- jump. A single tap anywhere on the screen will make your block jump, and if you hold down your finger, it will continually jump until you let go. Any little mistake, like landing on a spike (triangle) or in a dark zone, will result in immediate death and a respawn at the beginning of the level.

One of my favorite features of The Impossible Game is not only its incredibly simplistic design, but the music. The music and The Impossible Game were literally made for each other and you should never play this game without the official game music. For example, often times the timing of your jumps are in rhythm with the music and as the level gets more intense, so does the music. Seriously, the music that's paired with The Impossible Game adds a significant amount to the total experience.

The good

  • Lives up to its name
  • Addicting
  • No load time after failing a level
  • Amazing music

The bad

  • Makes me feel like a loser by keeping track of how many attempts I've had

The bottom line

The Impossible Game is seriously an incredibly addicting and wickedly hard game with amazingly perfect music to go along with it. Even though the game is difficult and requires some memorization skills, The Impossible Game is extremely fun a really good time-killer -- perhaps too good at killing time.

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Leanna Lofte

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