Infinity Blade for iOS- app review

Everyone has been eagerly awaiting Infinity Blade's introduction to the App Store, and with it, a promised new era of iOS gaming. Listening to the hype around this game, one would think you would stop playing other games altogether. Does Infinity Blade live up to the hype? Let's take a look at this game a little more in-depth to find out.

Infinity Blade is the first game for iOS that used the Unreal Engine 3 to bring to life the story of a lonesome hero bent on destroying the God King (for reason's unknown other than, presumably, the God King is a bad dude); alas, your story begins.

You start off the game as our hero and his approach to the castle where the God King resides. To reach the God King, you will need to destroy many of his minions. They range in shape and size. After you defeat several minions, you reach the God King. If you defeat him, you have won. If you fail, you die and the journey or "bloodline" begins again with your son, avenging your death.

The time of this game is set in a castle with magic and knight folklore which will appeal to many people. The story for this game is not very deep, but with this game it is all about the gameplay and overall mechanics that make the title shine. Before you enter a battle you have an opportunity to scope the environment. This is a good thing as often you will find health, chests (they may contain an item) and bags of money. You can also see the properties of an enemy before you face them. This is useful because some enemies, especially once you get further in the game, are immune to certain attacks. So, prior to battle you can adjust your armor and weapons to the maximum benefit.

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Once the battle begins, you have essentially three things you can do: block an attack, dodge an enemy attack by tapping the left or right corners of the screen or you can parry an attack by swiping in the same direction on screen as an incoming attack with your preferred weapon (sword, mace, axe, etc.) You can also use a special skill such as magic to perform a special attack. That's it folks (well, occasionally you get an opening where you can stab your enemy).

So, though this may not seem incredibly deep on the surface, the controls are very satisfying; it is not simple to just arbitrarily parry and block, there is some skill and technique involved. If you block attacks, your shield becomes weaker and will eventually break, adding even more challenge since you can't just block every incoming attack. There is a fair amount of variety in enemies too. They attack from different angles and are not standardized. Using magic strategically helps as well (heal your self, add additional hits to your shield, use an elemental attack against a weaker enemy) adding even more depth to the game. Some items even have magical endowments, a fire branded sword or a shield immune to ice attacks.

Overall, I enjoyed this game. Is it the most amazing game ever? Of course not, but it does offer a fun diversion and foretells the possibilities of gaming on iOS. There is currently enough content to keep you coming back for more. Dozens of weapons, helmets, shields, armor,etc. all have different attributes and is worth your time to master them. The most recent update added a max level for the player, a new enemy and additional items to buy and collect. Future updates will unlock even more of the castle, new monsters, multiplayer and more. If you have not downloaded this game yet, go do it now.

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TiPb iPad 4-star rated


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Challenging gameplay with each new bloodline
  • Game Center support
  • Plenty of planned updates for the future (including Multiplayer)
  • Universal App


  • Framerate can be a little jerky- even on iPhone 4 and iPad
  • Battles can get repetitive after a while (parry, parry, block, dodge, repeat)

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  • it's was a nice game, but get boring pretty fast. After my 11th bloodline, I sorta stop playing.
  • Fun game, however needs some revamping. Needs different levels and events. Lastly, after defeating the God King you dont get to keep the infinity blade and you restart game with a new bloodline. The developers are a little lazy and immature for not allowing you to become god king.
  • Another forgettable game.
  • Gorgeous but repetitive
  • Classic example of pretty graphics over gameplay. So pretty but very boring:(
  • Here is a tip:
    As soon as you die while challanging the "God King" quickly close the app. Open up the multitask list and close the Infinity App and open up the Infinity Blade app again. You will be back challanging the "God King" again without starting from the beginning of the game.
  • in the video chad tried to cast heal but cast ice instead, happens all the time for me, also it seems that on iPhone it's not very responsive to touches, I would often dodge or attack when trying to stab and annoyingly the dodge sometimes doesn't register at all (too close to the corners of the screen maybe)
  • The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. Sure there isn't a lot of variety to the game map. But the combat is fun. It reminds me of Punch Out with swords.
  • I actually love the game. Sure, it's repeatative, but only in the same way that angry birds or cut the rope is. The matches get harder as you progress through the bloodlines. Higher end weapons and armor make a difference. There's a twist at the end of the game, after you beat the God King that I really enjoy. It's fun to work on achievments. There's a lot of good things about this game that weren't highlighted at all.
    I'd say that if you're a fan of simple games, you can respect this one as well. Think of it as the prettier angry birds for iPhone and iPad. Oh yeah, we can't forget that the iPhone and iPad games are both one purchase. There's no infinity blade HD if you want to play on your iPad. One purchase works for both.
    Other reviews on TiPb seem to over-praise products, but this review seems to lack the passion and attention that feeds great reviews.
    People who're considering buying the game, get it. It's worth the money, and it's definitely one of the best games available in the app store right now. I'm excited for the update that will allow multiplayer. This is not a game you'll regret buying.
  • I actually enjoyed this game. It was a challenge maxing out your level and maxing out all the items. I think most people are just waiting for PvP
  • @OneOfDaKine: I've been taking advantage of that bug for the past few bloodlines. Way to point it out, I'm sure a patch will come in the next update now ;)
    The game play is pretty repetitive and boring after a bit. Not to mention the control is lacking, but that is an iPhone limitation, not development. I consistently find my swipes not registering, or they are in an incorrect direction.
  • Great graphics and great combat. That's it. It's just kill the minions and kill the god king. No plot. It feels more like a demo.
  • what kind of writing is this?
    "The time of this game is set in a castle with magic and knight folklore which will appeal to many people."
    so telling me its in a castle somehow explains what time this game takes place?
    and i know a review is based on opinion, but telling me this game will appeal to many people is just something that you cant really justify.
    i mean if you said "this game is good" or "the controls suck" then i wont complain but telling me what other people think (not what they say) is so noob.
    anyways, back to the game.
    i like it. upgrading to new weapons and getting stronger is pretty fun. after a while you get to understand the patterns they use to attack.
    like, left slash, right slash, HUGE left swing
    i would however like NEW attack patterns as a lot of them end up moving the same. but yeah. to create a game with dodge left/right, block and attack / magic this game really knows how to squeeze everything into its frame.