iPad 2 LCD supplier identified, no AMOLED? [Rumor]

According to Digitimes, Apple's iPad will will be featuring an LCD display with BLUs (Back Light Units) from supplier Coretronic. That, of course, means once again no S/AMOLED displays for an Apple device.

We have talked about numerous iPad specs and features but we've all pretty much assumed Apple would stick with LED lit LCD with IPS panels, given the success they have had with current iPhone 4 and iPad displays. AMOLED can be beautiful and performance in daylight has improved but both technologies still have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Not addressed is whether or not this LCD panel has a Retina Display, but we're still thinking the technology to pack 2048x1536 pixels into a 9.7-inch screen is a ways off.

Are you upset about the iPad 2 sticking with LCD? Were you hoping for S/AMOLED screen? Holding hope for a Retina Display? Tell us your take on this after the break!

[ Digitimes via 9To5 Mac ]