iPad 2 screen and a vibrating motor listed on parts suppliers website

Parts supplier Global Direct Parts has listings on its site for a replacement LCD screen for the iPad 2 and a vibrating motor. There is not much information on either item however the price of the LCD panel is rather interesting. The iPad 2 LCD is listed at a price of $218.19. When you compare this to the current iPad LCD price on the same site at a cost $69.99, this starts to make you wonder all sorts of things. Higher resolution displays anyone?

The vibrating motor is listed as an OEM Apple iPad Vibrating Motor. The current generation iPad does not have a vibrating motor; unlike the iPhone models which use it for notifications. Thinking away from notifications for a moment, how good would an iPad be for gaming if it had a vibrating motor for feedback in games, similar to the PlayStation and Xbox controllers?

Of course this could all turn out to be link bait, but it is fun speculating on the future iPad 2 feature set. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

[GlobalDirectParts via MacRumors]


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