iPad Air 4 coming Sept. 30 according to Adorama

iPad Air 4
iPad Air 4 (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Adorama's summary page for iPad Air 4 shows an official ship date.
  • It appears that it will ship on Sept 30.
  • Apple has not confirmed this information officially.

If you are hoping to preorder the iPad Air 4, you can actually do that now from Adorama, and you can even use Apple Pay to purchase it. Interestingly, there is a little disclaimer showing that the iPad Air 4 will ship on Sept. 30. This is not something Apple has made official yet.

Adorama Preorder iPad Air 4 shipping Sept. 30

Adorama Preorder iPad Air 4 shipping Sept. 30 (Image credit: iMore)

This little note is not official, so either someone at Adorama used it as a placeholder to build the page and forgot that there still isn't an official release date, or the online store knows something the rest of us haven't heard officially yet. This was first surfaced on reddit but as of this writing, you can still see the shipping notice and you can still preorder the iPad Air 4. As far as I know, there is no other place to preorder this model.

If you want to make sure your color and storage size is available, I highly recommend preordering from Adorama. You can purchase with Apple Pay and you won't be charged until it ships. If you wait for Apple to open up orders, you may not get the color or storage size you want.

Apple announced the iPad Air 4 on September 15 but did not provide an official release date. Apple's online store shows it as "coming in October."

The iPad Air 4 has been completely redesigned using the same design language as the iPad Pro. It's new features include a 10.9-inch edge-to-edge display, Apple Pencil 2 support, Touch ID in the sleep/wake button, USB-C charging, and five different colors, including the new rose gold, green, and sky blue brushed aluminum hues. It uses Apple's latest A14 processor chip and it has a six-core CPU, with four high-efficiency cores and two high-performance cores. This is the fastest iPad Air Apple has ever made by leaps and bounds over its predecessor. It's our pick for the best iPad of all models in the lineup for its value combined with affordability.

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