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The iPad Air 4 is a force to be reckoned with. Powered by Apple's A14 Bionic chip, the minimal bezel design, support for the Apple Pencil 2, and a USB-C port, it may very well be the best iPad for most people. Do you know what would make it even better? A great keyboard case that will give you a better typing experience for writing emails, surfing the web, or working on documents. Note that the iPad Air 4 and 5 are the same size, so a case for one will fit either. Here are the best iPad Air 4 keyboard cases.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Our top pick: Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and iPad Air

Staff Favorite

Apple devices tend to feel a bit magical, and this keyboard case is no exception. The Apple Magic Keyboard is pricey, but it's our favorite keyboard case for the iPad Air 4. The beautiful cantilever design, scissor mechanism backlit keyboard, and trackpad for multi-touch gestures and cursor control make it the best overall pick.

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio 2020 iPad Pro

The best without a trackpad: Apple Smart Keyboard Folio - Black

This is a full-sized keyboard in a case that offers front and back protection for your iPad Air 4 when not in use. You never need to charge this keyboard, nor do you have to pair it to your iPad Air 4 via Bluetooth. Simply plop it into place and start typing. This is what I call a smart keyboard.

Brydge Air Max Plus Wireless Keyboard Case With Multi Touch Trackpad For Ipad Air Render Cropped

Laptop-like: Brydge Air MAX+ Wireless Keyboard Case with Multi-Touch Trackpad for iPad Air

The multi-touch trackpad gets you about as close to a laptop experience as you can get, but this keyboard comes in a lower price point than Apple's version. The case itself is quite protective, and Bluetooth 5.0 gives you an instant connection.

$120 at Amazon
Logitech Folio Touch

Backlit keyboard: Logitech Folio Touch - Black

We find the Logitech Folio Touch to be pure joy to use. It has a full backlit keyboard that connects via the Smart Connector, so just like Apple's own products, pairing is seamless — just connect and start typing. Plus, the back kickstand gives your iPad Air 40 degrees of angle control, meaning whether you're typing, watching a movie, or sketching, you can find the perfect angle for optimal viewing.

ProCase iPad Air 4 Case

Detachable keyboard: ProCase iPad Air 4 Keyboard Case with Pencil Holder

The leather exterior and hard plastic bumper around the iPad Air 4 make the ProCase iPad Air 4 Keyboard Case an excellent case to ward off scratches and scuffs. Plus, the keyboard is magnetically detachable, giving you the ability to set up where you want or leave the keyboard at home if you're commuting.

From $33 at Amazon
Typcase Touch Ipad Air Touchpad Keyboard Case Render Cropped

Flexible: Typecase Touch iPad Air 5th Generation Case with Keyboard

This is a hard clamshell case and a keyboard with a touchpad. The hinge rotates 360 degrees, so you can use your iPad Pro laptop-style or tablet-style without removing the iPad from the case. The keyboard features a row of iOS function keys and 10 backlit colors. The 2.4-inch touchpad makes your iPad Air 4 feel more like a laptop, and it allows you to tap, scroll, and swipe without removing your hands from the keyboard at all.

From $73 at Amazon

Why a keyboard case?

The iPad Air 4 is one of the best iPads you can buy. A keyboard case is a convenient option that expands functionality, making your iPad Air 4 usage more laptop-like. If you get a keyboard with a trackpad, you can get even closer to the laptop experience thanks to the trackpad support that arrived with iPadOS 14. You can use the trackpad for cursor and multi-gesture control, so a keyboard case with a built-in trackpad is ideal.

Of course, if you're surfing the web, watching movies, and maybe knocking out some emails, a less expensive keyboard without all the bells and whistles is all you'll really need. The newer iPad Air 5 is exactly the same size as the iPad Air 4, so cases are interchangeable between the two.

Which of the best iPad Air 4 keyboard cases is for you?

Our main recommendation is the Apple Magic Keyboard. We know it's expensive, but it really is the ultimate iPad keyboard case. The cantilevered design is elegant, and it gives you your choice of viewing angles — plus the trackpad lets you do so many things quickly, like switch between apps and access the app switcher.

If you want something more reasonably priced, the Logitech Folio Touch is a great option for your iPad Air 4. Its fully backlit keyboard means you can type just about anywhere at any time of day, and since it also uses the Smart Connector, you never have to worry about a cumbersome pairing process.

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