The iPad Air and the iPad 4: Side-by-side

The iPad Air is slimmed down quite a bit from it's predecessor, the iPad 4, but just how much? We've snapped a few quick images of the two side-by-side, and as you'll see there is a noticeable difference. Apple has shaved a hefty chunk of bezel off for the iPad Air, and likewise it's gone on a diet in terms of thickness and overall weight. Holding one in each hand with your eyes closed, it's real easy to tell the difference.

We'll be back with more images, videos, and of course a full review of the iPad Air in the coming days. Seeing the size difference for yourself, does this make you any more or less convinced this might be the iPad for you? Click on down a little further for some more images.

Richard Devine

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  • The iPad four just looks bulky now. Great job Apple, this looks really amazing.
  • Still too big for the kind of tasks you can actually do with it. Give me the Retina Mini!
  • Wow that's significant!
  • I want ipad!!! give it to me!! Pleaseeee!
  • Hats off to apple, just picked mine up and was in and out in 15 minuets. Surprising it wasn't as busy as I thought but still a good amount of people.
  • Update, I own the iPad 3 and there is a huge difference in weight and size. I wasn't expecting this big of a change. Anyone considering going from the 3 or even the 4 should go to apple or reseller and see for yourself.
  • Damn T-Mobile for making me seriously consider selling my 3rd gen iPad (Wifi) and getting one of their iPads as a trial run for switching to phone service with them next September...
  • Dude they are T Mobile, a small step up from Boost mobile, what do you expect? Sent from the iMore App
  • They may be, but are trying to shake things up Sent from the iMore App
  • There really no significant change for me to purchase the new. Apple. My I pad 4 was a gift so someone give this to me as a gift then I will use it.
  • Much lighter and thinner, 70 to 80% faster, M7 chip..faster wififi and LTE, yeah nothing significant at all....
  • heheheeee You missed the main part? 4 was a gift and he wants another gift!
  • ...wonder if he's old enough for a drivers license...
    Maybe he needs to beg his mommy.
  • MOMMY???, touch me and make me feel better? Sent from the iMore App
  • Its hard to tell on the screenshots but does anyone know if the iPad Air screen gap the same as the old iPads or the iPhones? The iPhone screen gap between the actual display and the touchscreen is pretty much eliminated so it feels like you are touching the pixels. It would be great if the new iPad Air has caught up to this feature.
  • As the glass and screen are desperate components (not laminated together like the iPhone) there will unfortunately be a gap Sent from the iMore App
  • I really dont see much of a difference. maybe i have to see it up close.
  • I never cared for the design of the iPad 2-4. The original was my favorite, but this is very nice.