If you're someone who's ever used Apple's Smart Cover with an iPad, you'll know how awesome of an accessory it is – the tricky part is securing the back of your iPad Pro!

Here are a couple of different back cover cases that'll fit your iPad Pro 10.5 and will work with Apple's Smart Cover.

KHOMO Companion Cover

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Designed to offer up some secure, strong protection for your iPad Pro 10.5 while still working perfectly with your Apple Smart Cover, the KHOMO Companion Cover is a great accessory and back cover to keep in mind.

The KHOMO Companion Cover is designed with full access to all ports and buttons, while the flexible edge protects the iPad's screen and offers full protection for your iPad Pro. You can easily connect a Smart Keyboard or your Smart Cover.

You can pick up the KHOMO Companion Cover with an Apple Pencil holder for a few dollars more, but if you're just looking for the standard back case, then you can pick up this version of the case for around $13.

Poetic Lumos Ultra-thin TPU case

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The Poetic Lumos Ultra-thin TPU case has it all: it's lightweight, durable, has room for your Apple Pencil, and can fit Apple's Smart Cover for your iPad Pro!

Built with a tactile grip feature that ensures a more secure grasp in your hand as you're using your iPad Pro 10.5 throughout the day, the Poetic Lumos Ultra-thin TPU case is designed to house not only your iPad Pro, but also your Apple Pencil for secure, easy access.

The Poetic Lumos Ultra-thin TPU case is made from a high-quality TPU that protects your iPad from drops and falls, while the precise cutouts make charging, locking and using your iPad Pro 10.5 an absolute treat.

You can pick up the Poetic Lumos Ultra-thin TPU case in transparent gray or crystal clear for around $15.

Tech21 Impact Clear Case

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If you're looking for a clear case that'll showcase how sharp your iPad looks while still having something that'll work effortlessly with Apple's Smart cover, then take a peek at the Tech21 Impact Clear Case.

This $70 case offers up some serious bump and drop protection with impact-absorbing BulletShield materials, while it's super thin and lightweight design adds minimal bulk to your iPad Pro 10.5.

The Tech21 Impact Clear Case gives you access to all buttons and ports, but if you need to take it off, it is quite easy to remove. Oh! And it also comes with a built-in holder for your Apple Pencil. Pretty handy, huh?

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

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When you hear the word OtterBox, you instantly think of protection: and that's what the OtterBox Symmetry Series Case is here to offer.

This super slim iPad case keeps your iPad protected from scratches, dings, and drops, while the removable spine lets you easily attach Apple's Smart cover. You even get a nice Apple Pencil holder, too.

You can pick up the OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for $80.

STM Half Shell Case

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Lightweight? Check! Compatible with Apple's Smart cover? Check! Protective? Check! Worth $50? Check!

The highly rated STM Half Shell Case is a clear, super light case designed to snuggly fit and properly protect your iPad Pro 10.5.

With the STM Half Shell Case, you get access to all buttons and ports while still being able to easily attach your Apple Smart cover.

i-Blason Clear Hybrid Cover Case

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Keep your iPad Pro 10.5 looking stylish and fresh while still allowing your Apple Smart cover to snap on for the ride with the i-Blason Clear Hybrid Cover Case.

This particular case allows you to have access to all buttons and ports and doesn't add a ton of bulk to the frame of your iPad Pro. It's not the most protective case, but it will keep your iPad from scratching and scuffing.

You can pick up the i-Blason Clear Hybrid Cover Case in black/clear or clear for around $15.

What do you think?

Is there a back cover case for the iPad Pro 10.5 that works with the Apple Smart Cover that you cannot possibly get enough of?

Let us know what your top picks are in the comments below and we'll be sure to check them out!

Updated May 2018: Removed the MoKo Clear Grip Shockproof back cover because it is no longer available and added the Tech21, OtterBox, STM, and i-Blason options.

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