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The iPhone 11 and its cameras are triggering people's trypophobia

What you need to know

  • Appe launched the new iPhone 11 this week but the launch is having unusual side effects.
  • People suffering from trypophobia are revealing on social media their condition is being triggered by the new iPhone's camera.
  • Trypophobia is the fear of clusters of small holes or bumps.

This week Apple took the wraps off its shiny new iPhone 11 with its impressive new cameras that offer more photography versatility than ever. Unexpectedly, it is having an inadvertent side effect with the new camera system triggering peoples' trypophobia.

First spotted by CNN, trypophobia is the fear of patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. As you may have noticed, the iPhone 11 Pro's camera does look like three tiny holes. This is accentuated by Apple keeping the glass around the lenses white, gold and green to match the rest of the phone. The Space Gray option hides the camera pattern much better.

As the phone made the rounds on social media, people with trypophobia began to mention how it was triggering their condition.

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Here's what CNN's report said on trypophobia:

Research into trypophobia is limited. Geoff Cole, a visual scientist at the University of Essex in the UK, told CNN that while it might seem "a little bit odd" for people to feel uncomfortable at the sight of holes clustered together, for people with trypophobia, the images can cause a range of reactions, with varying levels of severity.

It is an unusual condition that we doubt Apple was trying to aggravate. In reality, this could also be an issue with the iPhone's speaker grill, which also consists of tiny little holes, but it has never garnered the attention like the iPhone 11's camera has.

In any case, if you suffer from trypophobia, it might be a good idea to stay away from the iPhone 11. Or at the very least stick to the Space Gray model.

iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro: Everything you need to know

  • First of all, mental issues that cause pain and suffering are not “diseases” (unless a secondary symptom of a legitimate disease process such as a tumor). Second, these folks can consider these environmental cues as opportunities for exposure therapy and a cure from the condition. Posting on social media about a smartphone etc. isn’t going to contribute to change.
  • Please tell me you stole this from The Onion. Trypophobia? People must make this nonsense up just for the meds. If the lenses on the back of an iPhone trigger you, you have bigger problems than deciding which phone to get.
  • I don't think there's meds for it? But look at some photos you see from an image search. They creep most people out at the very least. It's likely an evolutionary response to something. The same kind of effect as "the uncanny valley". How bad CG people like that Tom Hanks train movie bug people more than Toy Story.
  • Your "lead in" tagline or whatever you want to call it, said "irrational fear", it was likely very rational evolutionary speaking. Similar to how most kids play "the floor is lava", or "the uncanny valley" with CG movies. That said, I'm not set off by it on the iPhone because the holes aren't empty. When you see a behive cut open, that can be more off putting.