iPhone 11 bend test shows it's built like a tank

What you need to know

  • JerryRigEverything conducted his durability test of the iPhone 11.
  • The iPhone 11 survived easily, passing the bend test with flying colors.
  • It also held up really well when testing the front glass and aluminum frame.

Last week, YouTuber JerryRigEverything got his hands on the iPhone 11 Pro and conducted his durability test. As expected, Apple's high end flagship held up and passed the test rather easily. Now, he's back with the iPhone 11 to see how the iPhone for everybody will hold up.

Spoiler alert, it is built like a tank.

JerryRigEverything's durability test videos comprise of testing out the front glass, speaker grille, frame, camera, display and overall rigidity. The iPhone 11 performed at the same level as its more expensive counterpart did for most tests.

The glass, although strong, will still easily retain scratches at the same level the iPhone XR did last year. The aluminum frame is strong but scratching deep enough will reveal the raw aluminum. Same goes for the speaker grille and camera, which too can sustain scratches if a sharp object makes contact with them.

The last two tests were seeing how the LCD Liquid Retina display would hold up if the pixels were burned and the climactic bend test. With a lighter, JerryRigEverything held up a flame to the display until pixels went black, but eventually they recuperate and work just the same.

Where the iPhone 11 truly shines is with the bend test. Applying pressure from both sides, the frame doesn't give in a millimeter. The frame is strong and rigid, providing a strong backbone that will survive everyday wear and tear without any issues.

Overall, the iPhone 11 is cut from the same cloth as the iPhone 11 Pro. Just as strong and durable.

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Danny Zepeda