iPhone 11 Pro

What you need to know

  • Geekbench scores show iPhone 11 Pro is around 15% faster than iPhone XS.
  • The report also shows the iPhone 11 Pro has 4GB of RAM.
  • A tweet from a reliable leaker suggests it actually has 6GB.

A new Geekbench score appears to confirm Apple's claims that the new A13 Bionic CPU is its fastest iPhone chip yet. Assuming it's legit, of course.

The Geekbench score recently appeared online and shows that the iPhone 11 Pro is around 15% faster than the outgoing iPhone XS. The model identifier is iPhone 12,3 which 9to5Mac notes is the iPhone 11 Pro. But we don't expect the larger iPhone 11 Pro Max to be much different performance-wise.

The benchmark itself has the iPhone 11 Pro scoring 5472 in the single-core test while 12769 was the score when multiple cores were used. The iPhone XS scored 4780 and 11250, respectively.

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iPhone 11 Pro geekbench screenshot

According to the report generated by Geekbench, the iPhone 11 Pro also has 4GB of RAM which is the same as the previous generation iPhone XS. However, now would be a good point to remember that Geekbench scores can, and have been, faked.

That's because usually reliable leaker Onleaks has tweeted to say that he believes the iPhone 11 packs 6GB of RAM. Only one can be correct, of course.


With pre-orders for the new iPhones going live tomorrow it won't be long before reviewers get their hands on them. That means we'll know for sure just how much RAM is in these things when more Geekbench reports start to flood in.