iPhone 12 Pro Max launch beats all iPhone launches over last three years

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • The iPhone 12 Pro Max was the most popular iPhone 12 model in the launch weeks.
  • iPhone 12 mini came out the least popular.

Reported by Flurry Analytics, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has easily outperformed the rest of Apple's iPhone 12 lineup in sales during their combined launch weeks. Despite being released a month after the first iPhone 12 models, the iPhone 12 Pro Max reached a 1% install base when compared to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro's combined 0.8%.

This year's iPhone 12 series captured a combined 1.9% install base during their combined launch weeks, a big jump over each of the last two years. Last year, the iPhone 11 series launch captured 1.2% install base, and two years ago the iPhone XS and XR series captured 1.6%. Impressively, the premium-priced iPhone 12 Pro Max captured nearly 1% of the iPhone install base in its first week, outperforming any other model in our analysis across all three years ... In its first week, the iPhone 12 Pro Max captured nearly 1% share, nearly catching the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro despite their four-week head start.

Flurry Iphone 12 Install Base Launch Week

Flurry Iphone 12 Install Base Launch Week (Image credit: Flurry)

The report also notes that the iPhone 12 mini has so far come out as the least popular model of the iPhone 12 lineup with a 0.12% install base during its launch week. Flurry says that this will most likely change over time as people purchase the smaller iPhone as a gift for the holiday season.

Given the low uptake of the iPhone 12 Mini, consumers may be signaling that a more pocket-friendly device is not as important as once thought. Spending $100 more for the iPhone Pro 12 fetches a 24% larger screen and a better battery life than the iPhone 12 mini. Also, the second-generation iPhone SE, launched earlier this year, may be cannibalizing iPhone 12 mini adoption ... Either way, with more lower-priced devices in the market than ever, Apple has been increasing its market share in the U.S.

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The analytics firm also believes that sales of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will begin to fall off and get passed by the rest of the iPhone 12 lineup as many iPhone 12 Pro Max owners are made up of the enthusiasts who buy the latest iPhone closer to its release date.

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