Bluebonnet Leather iPhone Card Holder Case review: The full-grain experience

Bluebonnet Leather Iphone Card Holder Case
(Image: © Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

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Bottom line: The Leather Card Holder Case lives up to the Bluebonnet standard of excellence, from the smooth genuine leather to the shiny copper buttons. It can hold two cards, along with some cash, and the cotton finger loop keeps the card case firmly in hand.


  • +

    Beautiful, smooth genuine leather

  • +

    Convenient card slots and finger loop

  • +

    Fine construction and materials

  • +

    Develops a patina over time


  • -

    Not yet available in MagSafe

  • -

    Cotton loop only comes in blue

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As the third product I've tried from Bluebonnet, the Leather Card Case lives up to the high standard I've come to expect from the small Texas-based studio. Bluebonnet designs beautifully made leather accessories for Apple products. Its product designers travel the world to source materials and their leather comes from some of the best tanneries in Europe and Mexico. You can tell as soon as you touch and smell the leather that this is the good stuff.

The card case functions as a simple wallet case with two slots that serve to hold cards, IDs, or cash. It can hold two cards and some cash at one time. There is also a finger loop (in Bluebonnet's signature cerulean shade of blue) to help you keep the case in hand and, of course, to improve selfie angles. Upon first glance, it's an excellently made and fine-looking case. After several weeks of use, here are my initial impressions of the Bluebonnet Leather Card Case:

Bluebonnet Leather Card Case: Price and availability

Bluebonnet Leather Card Holder Case

Bluebonnet Leather Card Holder Case (Image credit: Bluebonnet)

Bluebonnet operates out of a small studio in Austin, Texas, and the brand remains relatively exclusive. Right now you can only purchase its tech accessories on the official Bluebonnet website. This leather card case goes for $68 and it's available in two shades of leather. If it goes on sale, we'll be sure to list it in the iMore Deals section.

Bluebonnet Leather Card Case: Quality construction with a side of patina

Bluebonnet Leather Case

Bluebonnet Leather Case (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

From the moment you take this case out of the box, you can appreciate the look and feel of the fine leather. It is buttery smooth with a warm sienna hue. The letter "B" is imprinted onto the case in a style that is reminiscent of ranch brands and the leather even smells like luxury. The inside of the case is lined with silky microfiber to protect the glass surfaces of your iPhone and the buttons are encased in bright copper-hued steel. The bumper around the camera is also surrounded by this metallic shine. All of this combines to create a striking and elegant case.

From the moment you take this case out of the box, you can appreciate the look and feel of the fine leather.

The case is well-made and sturdy, with two snug pockets that keep cards and cash firmly in place on the back panel of the case. I never had any problem with cards slipping out or shifting during use. Because of the simple, slim design, the case looks just as nice without any cards at all. You can carry it as a normal case when you don't need to use the card slots. The cotton finger loop adds to the functionality of the case, helping you to grip, text one-handed, and hold the iPhone at the perfect angle for a selfie. I enjoy the bright blue shade of the loop, which is Bluebonnet's trademark color.

Even after only a few weeks of use, the leather has started to develop a slight patina. I can see that it will bloom into my own individual leather story over time, reflecting my habits of use. This is the beauty of genuine leather. As for protection, the raised edges around the screen and camera are doing their job so far. After a few bumps and drops, my iPhone 12 Pro Max remains well-protected and secure inside this case. Finally, despite its fine leather construction and protective elements, this is one of the thinner card cases I've seen. It is slim and sleek by design.

Bluebonnet Leather Card Case: Can I get that in coral?

Bluebonnet Leather Card Case

Bluebonnet Leather Card Case (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

There's not much to complain about the Bluebonnet Leather Card Case. The construction, materials, and functionality are all on-point. Since I like to personalize my products, I think it would be nice if Bluebonnet offered the cotton finger loop in different colors. Yes, I know that Bluebonnet blue is the brand's signature color, but that loop would sure would look slick in coral, that's all I'm saying.

It would also be nice if the case offered MagSafe compatibility since this is a feature I use daily, but I realize it would be hard to pull off with a card wallet built into the back. I hear that Bluebonnet is working to design a new line of cases that do incorporate MagSafe, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the brand comes up with. If this case had MagSafe, it would be just about perfect.

Bluebonnet Leather Card Case: Competition

Bullstrap Portfolio Iphone Case

Bullstrap Portfolio Iphone Case (Image credit: Bullstrap)

While there are plenty of card cases you can buy for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, few of them are made with fine genuine leather. One similar example is the Bullstrap Portfolio iPhone Case, also made by a small American company. This one features a similar two-card design, crafted out of full-grain leather. The Bullstrap case looks to be of similar quality and craftsmanship as the Bluebonnet case, although it does not include a finger loop. It's also a bit more expensive than Bluebonnet at $79, so choosing between the two will depend on your budget.

Bluebonnet Leather Card Case: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if ...

  • You love the look and feel of genuine leather.
  • You appreciate fine craftsmanship.
  • You want to combine your wallet and iPhone into one unit.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You don't like the color blue.
  • You need MagSafe compatibility.

For anyone who appreciates the luxurious look and feel of genuine leather, this case is a beautiful example of quality and craftsmanship. The full-grain leather is smooth, the microfiber lining is silky soft, and the stretchy cotton loop is a fun pop of cerulean blue. Then there are the metallic copper-colored details, such as the clicky steel button covers. To top it off, the card slots on the back are nice and snug, keeping cards and cash secure, although they look fine when they are empty as well. All of this culminates in a beautiful leather case that will only get better with time.

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