iPhone 14 renderSource: Jon Prosser x RendersByIan

What you need to know

  • A new report says the iPhone 14 will have even more storage than its predecessor.
  • New information claims it will feature a 2TB option.
  • We've already heard the iPhone 13 will bring a big redesign.

A new report claims the iPhone 14, expected to replace the iPhone 13 as Apple's best iPhone next year, will get a 2TB storage option.

According to MyDrivers:

The iPhone 13 series is on the market, and this time it's time to talk about the next generation of iPhones - next year's iPhone 14 will be upgraded with up to 2TB of capacity, but QLC flash memory - Translated

The report says Apple will continue to increase the capacity of iPhone storage, after adding a 1TB option to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max this year. Apparently, some partners are already working on testing new products that include flash memory upgraded to QLC flash memory, and a 2TB option.

The QLC rumors have already come up this week, with Digitimes reporting Apple is working on QLC NAND for 2022 iPhones.

Although a more obscure source, MyDrivers.com has previously leaked accurate details about Apple products, namely the iPad Air. Whilst off on the release window, it did nail down USB-C, the A14 processor, and the display/design changes. It also pinned down some accurate features of the M1 iPad Pro (2021) before its release earlier this year, however again it was off on the timing of the release.

As storage continues to get less expensive and iPhones get more hungry for gigabytes, it seems natural Apple might continue to try and expand the storage of the iPhone. It is also natural to assume Apple might reserve its most potent storage configurations for the 'Pro' iPhone lineup, so this rumor could mean the regular iPhone 14 gets a 1TB option as it trickles down from the Pro. This all might sound excessive, but Apple added ProRes video in 4K to the Pro iPhone this year. One minute of this footage takes up a staggering 6GB of storage on your iPhone.

In September we heard that the iPhone 14 will be redesigned to drop the camera bump on the back, adding a titanium chassis, and dropping the 'Mini' in favor of a regular max-sized iPhone 14 measuring 6.7-inches.