iPhone 5 pre-orders planned for September 12, second release wave for first week of October

A couple of weeks ago iMore reported that Apple would be holding their iPhone 5 event on September 12, 2012. We've since learned that iPhone 5 pre-orders are currently planned to begin that same day, at least in the U.S. Release is still planned for 9 days later, on September 21, 2012. We've also learned that the second wave of iPhone launches, the ones in international markets, will begin in the first week of October, likely October 5.

The information on Apple pre-orders comes from sources that have provided iMore with accurate iPhone related launch dates in the past. The information on the international launches comes from sources that have provided our network, Mobile Nations, with accurate information in the past.

While iPhone events and pre-orders haven't always occurred at the same time, last year Apple introduced the iPhone 4S on October 4, 2011, and made pre-orders available the following Friday on October 7. This year, it sounds like they're being even more aggressive.

The first round of releases, which included the U.S., followed on October 14, 2011. The second round of releases followed on October 28, 2011.

While in the past, especially when it came to the iPad, Apple took a while to ramp up international distribution, both the iPhone 4S and the new iPad 3 were released internationally quickly and broadly.

So, these dates do line up with past Apple release schedules.

Last week iMore reported that Apple planned to roll their new, smaller Dock connector out across their full range of iOS devices this fall, including the new iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPad, and iPad mini. We have not, however, been able to learn launch dates for all of those devices. In the past, Apple has made new iPod devices available quickly, if not immediately following the event, but has also had several weeks between announcement and release, especially for brand new devices.

If all of this information pans out, and Apple not only refreshes their entire iOS product line, but also introduces the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, it will make for one of the most, if not the most significant Apple events in the history of the company.

In 2010, Apple staggered new iOS device launches. iPad was released in the spring, iPhone in the summer, and iPod in the fall. Last year, iPad remained in the spring, iPhone moved to the fall, and iPod touch wasn't updated beyond a color option.

However, just like the Apple of today is capable of releasing new iOS and OS X versions on a yearly schedule, they may well be rich, talented, and organized enough to have a complete iOS product portfolio primed and ready to go to market right in time for the lucrative holiday season.

Nothing is confirmed until an Apple executive holds it up on stage, or Apple puts out a press releases, but if the September 12 event date proves accurate, we'll find out in just under a month.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Misspelling in the headline. "pe-orders" should be "pre-orders". Anyway...good news. I can't wait for the new iPhone!
  • I really want the event to come asap! Lool
  • If the international date is right it'll be falling on the one year anniversary of Steves passing. It'd be a great way of marking the occasion.
  • What? First week of October in Europe? Seriously, Apple?
  • Still seems like a waste to update the new iPad with this until March... They going to update the 4 and 4S, too, since they will still be around? The iPad 2?
  • Yeah the iPhone 5 is the update from the 4s.
  • No, I meant with the new dock connector. Will the iPhone 4 (free) and iPhone 4S ($99) come mid September sport the new/smaller dock connector? Or will they have the existing one?
  • Probably just keep the same one otherwise it would be very costly for apple to release 2 new phones since the 4/4s would have to be manufactured differently with the new dock.
  • Not a moment too soon. Re: "If all of this information pans out, and Apple not only refreshes their entire iOS product line, but also introduces the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, it will make for one of the most, if not the most significant Apple events in the history of the company." If this many products are announced at once (or even within a few weeks of each other) it might be remembered as "the mini dock connector big bang." I can't think of too many reasons why Apple would announce so much in such a short time span. Changing the dock connector across the board would be one of those reasons. If Apple were to announce just one iOS product with a new mini dock connector, it would be obvious that all other iOS devices would soon be equipped that new connector as well. There would be a "wait until the next-gen" mentality among consumers (or at least the subset who happen to know and care about details like dock connectors.) Better to update all iOS devices at once, and that requires an Apple media event.
  • I can see it now. Sales of an updated iPhone will go through the roof and set sales records.......yet the tired, old isheep references from the Fandroids and the merits of how the Samsung Galaxy, Capitulate, Manipulate, Conforminate, Instigate et all will be forthcoming. Can't wait for that.
  • WTF! Sick of this crap! Why should I have to wait longer because I live in the UK? Apple get a grip!
  • You really do sound like a spoilt brat.
  • I echo what imjustcreative says. But firstly, Apple is an AMERICAN company. Secondly, due to the extreme demand for their products, naturally they wish to give priority to USA first.
  • Apple has a grip. They are giving the american customers first dibs since they are an american company and the supply constraints they will have. You will be glad when you can get one and not have to wait a month because they launched all at once and have a huge back order. Quit crying acting like a spoiled brat.
  • Well i have to disagree with you on that, i had my hands on my iPhone 4s nearly a full day before the majority of the U.S.A did because the release date was the same and being in Australia we are a day ahead of you. Apple would not release to America first only, I don't care what reason you can think of. When it comes down to it they are a company and company's like to make money, after all isn't that what they are all about?? A unified release date that is the same as the 4s was just makes sense.
  • You don't, it's called ebay.
  • Will AT&T let us keep our old unlimited plans, or will they force us into this new plan of theirs?
  • I really hope so otherwise I am going to Verizon.
  • survey from at$t says......"NO! you must pay us some more! at at$t, we do not value loyalty. It is how we roll".
  • Verizon as well.
  • Okay, so with all these rumors swirling I have my own guesses. I think the 16/9 aspect ratio is lock for the new iPhone but will also be used for the smaller iPad. This will allow easier screen scaling as well as keep a more portable pocketable size. I'm also wild guessing the iPod nano to have Bluetooth built in which will enable a better push for wrist wearable iPod watches. We shall see though.
  • Dude, I can hardly wait man, this is gonna be good! www.IT-Anon.tk
  • hoping Canada will be with the US release date
  • We were last time so it should be a given this time around, unless supplies are really that constrained or they are expecting that much sales.
  • So if pre-orders start on the 12th, and shipping (delivery) is on the 21st then what day are we betting on for the actual announcement . . . Monday September 10th?
  • Pre-orders for the New iPad started the same day that it was announced so that may be the same situation here.
  • Same happened with the 4s.
  • I'd just like to know if we'll be able to order the phone unlocked right away, or if we'll have to wait several weeks like we did with the iPhone 4s. My company pays my bill, so I can't go the upgrade route. I have to buy all of my phones off contract.
  • Shut up and take my money!!!!
  • lol futurama
  • The smoothest experience I had with Apple reference the new iPad, was to order it via the Apple store app on the iPhone when it showed up in the store. From order to received, was very smooth, and I did not have to wait. I am guessing the iPhone pre orders will go quick, so if you are getting one, use the Apple store app.
  • I just hope its not a longer verison of the iphone 4. Seriously that is all i care about nothing else, it could be made of wood but as long as the screen is bigger and not longer ill buy it.
  • Great news. BTW, are we talking about an iPhone or a Samsung phone? I get those mixed up ...
  • The USA didnt have there own release date separate from other international countries. they shipped the same day as the other major countries. iPhone 5 will be announced Sept 12 and release to first round counties on the Sept 21. with second round countries being released 2 weeks later on October 5. First round: iPhone 4s(Oct 14)
    United States
    United Kingdom
    Japan. Then 2 weeks later the second round of releases to the other countries:
    Second Round iPhone 4S(Oct 28)
  • I can upgrade in February 2013 so I'll have time to see what "bugs",if any, it might have,and see if I truly want to upgrade to it. I love my 4s(first iPhone)-it just works.........I hope this new phone has a bigger screen. hurry up and wait.....
  • iam Seriously waiting for it. The Iphone itself was a phenomenon for the Mobile Industry. This Iphone 5 release is waiting for more than 2 years and i suspect the outcome of product will be Awesome.. But There are lots High fi Mobile released in the Market like Samsung S3, One X.. Would it beat these Standards and crate its one for Apple...
  • I have been waiting for Iphone 5 as it will be my first iphone. Would be interested to know all new features and -ve if any. Does anyone know when it is due to release in UK.
  • Traded my iphone 4 in for my upgrade 3 weeks ago and have the S3. Even though I knew the 5 was coming out I couldn't wait any longer. Very happy with the S3 so far. Android and iOS are both great OS's. Can't stand when iPhone users look at Android users like they are less of a person because they don't have an iPhone. How rediculous is that? And their are also Android users with some extreme hater towards iPhone owners. It's a phone folks!
  • Actually, to me, it seems like Android users hold much more aggression towards iOS users. Most iOS users are humble about the fact that we dislike the Android OS, and aren't quick to shove it in anyone's face. However every customer that comes in my store, at least, who favors Android always have to like it known. But I agree, it is just a phone. Though some people are serious about representing which manufacturer they are brand loyal to.
  • Can't wait for Apple's next conference. Will be interesting to see whether the iPhone 5 is a reality, although i guess the question now is more what it will look like.
    At www.anchorcase.com.au we're more excited to see what new products Apple comes up with though, whether that be a bigger iPod or smaller iPad. exciting
  • Rene has titties.
  • OMG you're dumb!
  • Can't Wait for October, as i will be able to get my hands on the New Iphone, have the Iphone 4, so should be a big leap forward in features, hope the camera res, is better also
  • waiting for it to upgrade my current phone. But, samsung galaxy note puts me in a dilemma :( www.digitfreak.com
  • This news is nothing short of riveting! The anticipation is brutal! Good thing I've already set my (estimated) retail amount aside for it, considering Big Red's latest nerf to grandfathered data plans.. Can't wait to pre-order!
  • So...does anyone know if we'll be able to purchase the iPhone 5 without a contract on launch day? Or will we have to wait a few weeks to be able to do that?
  • Does anyone have a guess at what time the preorders may start I'm actually holding a conference call while they are announcing and want to make sure I have an idea when I need to cut it short due to "technical difficulties"
  • For anyone who says that Us should get first dibs on the new iPhone cause Apple is an Americian company, is completely greedy! Typical just saying! We all know IPhones are made in China! So maybe China should get first dibs! They will release the new iOS 6 on the same day, all over so why can't they with the iPhone which may I repeat is made in CHINA if they were the type of huge company they would be able to handle the requests immediately! Why have it drawen out so long!
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