iPhone 5 release pool: Concord says late 2011, 8mp camera, A5 processor, Qualcomm baseband

Continuing our policy on having fun with iPhone 5 date rumors, TiPb is once again adding an analyst to our iPhone 5 release pool. This time it's Concord Securities as reported by Apple Insider:

[Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's] checks with supply chain sources indicated that the next handset from Apple will not feature an all-new-design, but rather only "slight modifications" from the iPhone 4. Specifically, Kuo has heard that the iPhone 5 will include the faster A5 processor already found in the iPad 2, as well as a higher resolution 8 megapixel rear camera. He has also been told that Apple will switch to a Qualcomm baseband for both GSM and CDMA models, along with an improved antenna design.

Kuo says production will begin in September, which would match up with rumors of iPhone 5 only being released this Fall instead of its previous summer slot. He also thinks iPhone 6 will bring more dramatic changes, so this year could be like 2009 was with the iPhone 3GS.

So there you go, Concord, your entry had been added to our iPhone 5 release pool. We'll see how you do come launch announcement!



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  • A5 will be obsolete by September.
  • Its Apple... remember you're not supposed to know/think/be concerned with things like that.
  • No it will not, just like the A4 didn't get beat until this year. Most phones that are coming out, are dual cores, that don't run will because the software doesn't properly use them. Android sucks at optimization, so whatever comes out will never be as smooth as an iPhone. Also don't forget that the graphic chip is the best on the market.
  • I'm going to have to agree with the article, 100%.
  • For iPhone 5
    1. Bigger Screen
    2. A5 Chip
    3. 1GB Ram
    4. 8mp Camera
    would be enough
    And... maybe 64gb storage would be thankful.
  • if these are "slightly modifications" than i'm totally in for iPhone 5... can't wait.
  • Why does everybody want a bigger screen? I thought advancing technology was about making things more compact?
  • Yes, except for screen size and battery. These quantities are going in the other direction. ;) i jest, but for handhelds there is an optimum size that'll be good for 90% of the population. Somewhere around 2.3 to 2.6 inches in width for the phone. Whatever sized screen can be fit in that planform.
    Back in the dark ages, Palm made devices that were 2.8 to 3.2 inches wide. I used to carry that in my back pocket. Back in the stone age, I had a RadioShack calculator that was 2.8" wide. Actually never carried it in a pocket as it was over 5" tall, but was pocketable. For me, these devices were a touch too bulky.
    So, somewhere between 2.3 to 2.6 inches in width is the sweetspot for me. And I think for most folks.
  • Why does battery life have to increase directly with size? Real advancement would be defined by longer battery life and less physical size.
    I still don't understand why you would want a bigger screen. Why not just buy an iPad, or a TV, if you want a bigger screen.
  • The battery thing was more of play on the "why do you want a bigger..." question. Batteries have been getting bigger as screens have gotten bigger and capabilities have increased.
    Why would I want a bigger screen? Because websurfing, games, email, entertainment, media would be more fun with it. What I'd like to see is the so-called edge-to-edge screen. Maybe 0.5 mm of bezel on the sides and just short of the tangency point of the corner on top and bottom. As edge-to-edge as possible.
  • What I'm wondering is if it's those few simple modifications, why would it take so long to begin production? For Apple, all those improvements could literally take an afternoon on the phone.
  • I may just be waiting around for iPhone 6 now...
  • Yeah true if they keep pushing it back and the 5 won't have that many advancements. Maybe Apply/AT&T will be nice and allow an upgrade if you buy the 5 depending on when the 6 is released.
  • I'll be really disappointed if you don't release a new iPhone this summer like they have every previous year. I'm not sure if the quake and tsunami in Japan played any part if the delay though, but I would certainly like a refresh sooner than later, and all of this speculation is just frustrating.
  • If this is true, My Verizon contract is up in November. So if the iphone 5 is a slight update of my current Verizon iphone, I will just hold off till 6.
  • i'm getting a phone in June. something.
  • Apple has two basic mindsets, and can flip between the two for no reason. 1. Release dates are etched in stone, and there will be a new phone each June, iPad in.... 2 we are the last to the party, but we do it right. With that in mind, no matter what an iPhone 5 will be in June, but wait flip flop. Our conference will be all about software. So let's get that up and running. The new cloud service, then the new music service all with the new iOS5, then release the iPhone 5, but wait. Why can't we release it in June as an iOS5 with all the great hardware, but we will update the software in Sept, kind of like what we did with the first iPad. Sometimes I wonder if Apple really knows. I still say a June release with software update later.
  • Agree. I still believe all this is to just throw people off and there keeping thing super hush hush. Because of last years bs with iPhone 4 and gizmodo. There will be a iPhone in June.
  • People need to calm down with the "bigger screen" thing. The screen is perfect the way it is. Why would you want a bigger phone?
  • While I do think 4.3" is way too big, I do think 4.0 is now the sweet spot for a "manageable" phone. Leave it to Apple engineers to be able to increase screen size while making negligible increases (if any) to phone size.
  • Use a phone with a bigger screen....you'll like it better.
  • To heck with the new phone in summer. I can wait until fall with my existing (and year old) iPhone 4. I am way more excited to see what iOS 5 and new Mobile Me has to offer.
  • Just give me a LTE version with a 4 inch screen and battery life like the i4 and i can forget about Android kthx !
  • I dont like those massive screen phones, I think it looks tacky and is too much screen to reach across the whole screen with my thumb while holding it with one hand, making it almost nessisary to hold it with two hands.
    What if they kept the same size screen but made the phone a little smaller? That may make the screen look bigger.
    Besides, think about all those hipsters and their skinny jeans, how will a massive phone fit in their tiny little pockets?
  • @georgia Do think that all this is to throw people off and that there will be a iPhone 5 in June? Curious what the minds of tipb think.
  • I think that if there is goin to be an increase in screen size, Apple will find a way to do it without making the phone any bigger. We've already seen patents for it so I don't think it's too farfetched of an idea...
  • I'm on 3GS and I'm just ready for something new. My luck, I get the 4 and the 5 comes out in June. Wait till June and the 5 comes out in Fall. Wait till Fall and the 5 is out Xmas with the 6 around the corner. Seems like anyone wanting a new iPhone may have to wait till June/July, see what the word is, then just bite the bullet.
  • I interact more with my iPhone than any other device. I would really appreciate a larger screen. Would make the user experience better in so many ways. This does not mean I want a bigger phone. Can easily be done while keeping the iPhone the same overall size.
  • Bigger screen 2. Better battery 3. Faster phone. Who cares about 4g. AT&T will make you pay an arm and a leg for it and its not that much faster.
  • Truthfully, if this is just Apple wanting to hold true to form and release an Iphone every year, i'd rather wait for the 6(or whatever it is called) than pay for something that isn't apple giving it's all especially if it arrives in fall. if it arrives in June it might be harder for me to resist but if it is available in October I will be much more willing just to wait for the superior product
  • Oops, you forgot the "release pool" tag.