iPhone 5 replacement parts cropping up online

Online parts supplier TVC Mall claims to have some iPhone 5 replacement parts in stock. If these are the real deal, it gives us a bit more information on the internals of the iPhone 5. Besides the rear camera, TVC has a few other iPhone 5 replacement parts listed - an iPhone 5 replacement battery, audio jack flex cable (pictured above), and the prox sensor flex.

Compared to the iPhone 4, these parts seem like they may be legit. It also wouldn't be the first time suppliers get their hands on parts before the official release of a device. We also see about 20 fakes for every real leak as well. After repairing several iPhones over the past 2 years, I'd say these parts could maybe be the real deal.

I find myself kind of hoping they're not as I really wanted to see a dual LED flash on the iPhone 5. Sigh. Here's to hoping these are maybe just a really good Photoshop mockup of some iPhone 4 parts.

[TVC Mall]

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.