Bored again: Does the iPhone lull have you checking out other phones?

With no iPhone refresh expected before the fall, do the dog days of summer have some checking out rival smartphones?

It's easy to succumb to envy in the mobile world. The iPhone 5 is currently the oldest flagship smartphone on the market. Meanwhile Android OEM's such as Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, and Motorola seem to be releasing new phones every week. Nokia is dropping new Windows Phones fairly regularly, and even BlackBerry has put out three new phones in the last six months. Against all that, it's easy to see why gadget geeks with big phone love could be eyeing - or even trying - alternate phones while they wait. Given some thought the iPhone 5 was boring at launch, is it possible even iPhone owners are bored now?

I feel like I'm growing more and more bored with my iPhone. But my brief affairs with android never turn out well. I always come back. I've had the iPhones 4-5 with android in between. Anyone feeling the same?Shanicenicolle, iMore forums member

The phone market is increasingly competitive and phones are even picking up elements of fashion. For those who can afford multiple phones, or people in the industry who's jobs require they own and use all the major platforms, it can certainly be nice to be able to change phones and experiences like you do clothes. Sort of like having multiple sets of jewelry, or multiple cars to drive, or hair colors to try, or anything that shakes things up.

I am finding myself bored right now and have jumped ship a few times only to come back very quickly. I again am contemplating test driving the HTC One once it arrives on Verizon. With Sense 5 covering Android it appears to make Android clean and simple but still allow for options if you so desire. If I do, I know I will likely come back, but it's nice to just scratch the itch every now and then.bgl321, iMore forums member

Looking elsewhere isn't a bad thing. Apple would rather you didn't, of course, but for many it becomes an eye-opening experience. Working for Mobile Nations, I use all the major platforms on a daily basis, and while each one has its own advantages, each one also has its own drawbacks. There are times Android feels liberating to me, others when it frustrates me to tears.

I have the same problem. I'm bored. But I went and got the s4 and came running back to iPhone after two days. I just had too many issues with it overheating. Everything on my sd card got deleted and the camera quality wasn't as good as the iPhone 5 so I was missing that. iphonelvr, iMore forums member

For some, jailbreak seems like a happy middle-ground. There's no additional hardware expense involved, but it opens up new functionality and opportunities for customization, beyond what stock iOS allows. It does

Nope I love my iPhone and I'm mad but glad with myself that I left for a brief stint with Android cause I now truly appreciate the stability, ecosystem and just down right usability of iOS- swarlos, iMore forums member

Ecosystem is a fine point worth making also, and something we touched upon in our recent Talk Mobile discussions. iOS and the iPhone has the exclusive benefits of Apple's vast media ecosystem. Whatever the song or album, the movie, the book, there's a pretty damn good shout that iTunes will stock it. It's the same story for apps, with an impressive and huge array of apps and games available. Looking through the Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry World in-particular, there are still some glaring gaps that need to be filled.

Nope. Not the least bit bored. I love my iPhone, and all my iOS devices, more than ever. I especially can't wait for iOS 7. It's going to make everything else look worse than it already does.- jclisenby, iMore forums ambassador

Then, at the other end of the scale, excitement shouldn't be higher than it is right now. OK, we're still in a bit of a hardware drought, but Apple has recently unveiled the biggest new version of iOS since the iPhone first launched. Beyond a complete visual redesign, iOS 7 packs a ton of features both user-facing and under the hood that are set to transform the iOS experience all over again. Those who have tried it – rightly or wrongly – are excited, as are the folks who haven't. It's like we're waiting to get a brand new phone, without having to buy one. I know I'm excited, as are a whole lot of other folks in the community.

The bottom line is that no-one, not even Apple, can stop you personally getting bored by a device. It's not always a bad thing because the grass isn't always greener, and sometimes it takes trying something new to make you realize that. But, at the same time we're in the midst of exciting times for iOS. When iOS 7 hits sometime in the fall it will reinvigorate the platform and hopefully excite those who may be finding themselves hit by the boredom fairies.

There's a great discussion brewing in the iMore forums on this very topic, so be sure to jump on over there and have your say!

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  • I have been interested in going back to Android with the HTC One but not really interested in the Android headaches with it. Those headaches is what brought me back to the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile. With the more glitzy new phones with 1080p displays and powerful hardware, it's very hard not to look the other way. As a Mac owner though, (and iPad) the iPhone just made more sense to me along with iCloud services.
  • I actually purchased and used a beautiful Htc One. the most beautiful phone in the market right now. 15 days later I sold it and returned to iPhone 5. why? big size was uncomfortable and android is still way behind iOS in terms of solidness. and free apps from play store are just that, cheap apps. iOS apps are way better even when I have to pay a dollar or two
  • I did the same thing, but I took the htc one back in less than 3 hrs.
    Happy again with my factory unlocked 32 gb i5 Sent from the iMore App
  • No. Next question.
  • Concise. I like it! ;)
  • I'm not getting rid of my 4s soon. But I am looking at other phones but NOT because of "boredom." I'm considering other phones because i find ios 7's aesthetics ugly. It's my belief that the look isn't very Steve Jobs and until this release i've pretty much agreed with the look of apple products. Just my personal opinion but i think when Jobs passed away the company lost it's taste and style giver. So i do wonder about the direction of the look of some products. Maybe they'll grow on me. I'm keeping an open mind. But I'm definitely open to a change. But i'm not bored. I love my 4s (just wish it was lte).
  • You always have the option of just not updating Sent from the iMore App
  • Absolutely. And I may not. I may upgrade and if i don't like it role back. But down the line i'm gonna get a new phone with lte and at that time everything will be in the running when before there was no debate in my mind.
  • I'm on beta 4 of iOS 7 and not bored at all.
  • I have to say, it is nice having multiple phones to switch between when I get bored. I tend to switch my daily driver every couple months. On the Android side, that usually means selling a previous device and buying the new flagship. With iOS...basically I just have the latest iPhone always sitting around and I'll pick it up when I'm bored with Android. (On a side note, I have a similar boredom with wireless networks, so I've actually had three iPhone 5's. Started on AT&T, switched to VZW, finally landed on unlocked pentaband with T-Mo.) I've owned and used several Windows Phones & BlackBerries, but there are just too many gaps in those ecosystems for me to really make them primary devices. For me, it's Google Hangouts and general Google Apps that are essential (both personal and business). All that said, I'm definitely ready for a new iPhone. Not gonna lie, I am (likely I'm vain) hoping for at least a small design change to keep things interesting on the hardware front, but regardless - I'll be waiting in line at some ungodly hour in the cold for it.
  • I'm using a Lumia 925 at the moment and I kinda agree with some of what you said. The lack of the Google apps is a total dealbreaker for me in using something as my daily driver. But it is a gorgeous phone
  • Absolutely agree. I've had several WP's in the past (the 920 & 8X most recently) and while I do like the fresh take on UI & innovative hardware design, I just need Google Hangouts & Google+. Honestly, I could make do with Nokia Maps, the native email client (begrudgingly), alternative Google Voice apps, the lack of Chrome & Drive - but I'm actually active on Google+ and I use Hangouts for almost all communications (pretty much replaced SMS/MMS with it).
  • I've installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 and there's no way I'm gonna use any other phone. It's not worth it. Still love my iOS devices. They all work and they work great and that's all I need. Being newer didn't really mean better. I can wait a few more month for new iPhone and I'm pretty sure I'll be glad I did. Sent from the iMore App
  • I switched to Android from iOS and there's always something new to do on this platform, whereas on iOS you had very little to do since iOS is so closed off and there was barely anything coming out of Apple or the dev community other than "pretty apps" and games that I don't play. If Apple doesn't roll out a big iPhone and starts making sure that iOS7 is more useful than ever, more people than ever are going to move to Android 5.0. It's only a matter of time at this point.
  • I get where you're coming from but I don't know if I accept your premise; namely that "normals" look for "new things to do" with their phones. I mean if the prevalence of Windows XP and Vista is any indication, most people are happy with a product that meets their needs - even if there's newer, shinier alternatives out there. In my experience, whenever I tinker too much on Android, I end up feeling like I've strayed too far from the path and inevitably want to "simplify". So, I proceed to reset everything and start new...clean. A lot of people prefer simple & familiar and don't have that tinkering itch to scratch. I think background updates in iOS 7 will do a lot to improve the iOS experience (one area where I think Android is far, far ahead). I also think that for as much as Android can do, there continues to be an overall sluggishness to the UI that just isn't present on iOS...even with project butter, more cores, more RAM, etc. In my opinion, that's where Android has the most ground to make up towards Apple.
  • Ditto.
  • agreed. It's not most normal users that are even asking for changes it's the phone enthusiast that is getting bored.
  • Exactly. Average Joe just wants a phone that works well.
  • True and am feelin the same. Not all people want an even bigger phone. Tech savvy people maybe, but not even all techies want a bigger phone (personally i don't)
  • Disagree with you guys on that one
    Google is pure trash
    Malware, spam apps, you RISK everything to be too "open"
    Not a risk I plan on taking , and btw, I'm a hardcore tech, I'm fine with iOS , just keep making it better Sent from the iMore App
  • Heck no. Patiently waiting for iPhone 5S. One for me and one for my wife.
  • It´s the same for everyone, you get bored because you never have a problem with your iPhone. I switched to android for the same reason and after two months you realize the custom things are just funny the first days, then you just want your phone to work so you come back to iOS and find it more amazing each day Sent from the iMore App
  • I tried plenty of customisation options with android from regular ones to weirdest user interface apps, during my 3 month galaxy note switch period; and I felt that android is not customisable to the extent that you feel freshly free, there are very limited options in my opinion, with plenty of tiny-big bugs ruining all you do. When I switched back to iOS I thought iOS was MORE customisable in that sense.
  • I love my Nexus 4.
  • I don't get the "bored" thing. It's a phone. it's a tool to do a job. I think the aspect of being bored is most common in those that have a desire to have the latest and greatest tech, feature, or gadgets. They want to be on the cutting edge. I think the average person isn't paying that much attention. for many of them they don't need the latest version of windows if the old one checks email just fine. They don't need to update software as soon as its released. I think it's a unique user of a phone where boredom is a big motivating factor.
  • I have temptations every now and then to make the switch to Android with either the HTC One or the S4. But then again, everyone is telling me that Android is kind of like a fling, you switch for a while and you start to realise how much better iOS really is.
  • The problem is not the age of iP5. The problem is Apple stopped innovating, and caring, three years ago. My next is Nokia. I want to give my money to companies that still want to excite and lead, and spend more money on r&d than marketing. Apple is no longer on my list. iP5 and iOS combo has been a fresh breath of air from 2007 for me.
  • Bored to death! But I will never try sluggish-even-at-flagship-phones android again (did once with galaxy note and ran back screaming :) to iOS heaven) or will never think of moving to an immature OS (cool but poor windows) with few apps. I can easily (and have to) stay bored for 10 more years if nothing changes. Feel limited now after writing these :(
  • I want the htc one, just waiting for apple to show whats the next iphone all about.
  • I'm going to look at the moto x when it is launched since it will pretty much be a nexus. That and I need a phone with a larger screen where apple is lacking(yeah you can say get a iPad but that's not the point) not to mention IOS7 isn't anything radical that with the small screen makes the phone that much better.
  • I was about to jump ship but iOS 7 has hyped me all over again. I hope the next iPhone is going to be the showstopper I think it will be.
  • I got iOS 7 it's new paint but still the same.
  • As I said in the forums, I don't think it's so much that people are bored with the iPhone specifically. They'd be bored with any new phone after a few months and would probably wish they had their iPhone back (as many have stated). Even though I'm "bored" with my phone (again, not the iPhone specifically) I use it as much as I ever have. I think it's more a case of taking it for granted. It's been a long time since it's wowed me with something new (I couldn't care less about Siri and Passbook has been a flop IMO). Give me a true mobile wallet and payment system and that will bring back the excitement!
  • More and more, tech (especially mobile) has progressed to the point where these are commodity appliance devices which allow us to work, play, and communicate. How each device allows a user to do this may be personal preference but in the end, they all do the same things. I am fully invested in the Apple ecosystem (iMac, iPad, iPad Mini (wife's), iPhone 5, iPhone 4S (wife's), 2 Apple TV's) and find that there is rarely a time that the technology "gets in the way", or is prohibitive in allowing me to get what I need to get done. That being said, I am, like most Apple fans, always on the lookout for faster, better battery life (where applicable), and having features that actually will be used (ahem, Samsung) in our daily lives.
  • First of all, sorry for my english; I'm Swiss :-)
    I'm a typical case of person getting bored very soon with tech gadgets. I'm an Apple lover (MBP Retina, iPad, iPad Mini, Apple TV, iPhone, Time capsule, Airport Express and so on) and I'm pretty ok with all this stuff but when it comes to my smartphone (Which I consider as an extension of myself) I think I have a conflictual experience. I very often get bored of the iPhone and try something else; it happened with GSII, HTC One X, GS3, Lumia 920, GS4, HTC One.... And I always ended back to my iPhone becouse it is simple, reliable and "it does the job"...
    I sold my GS4 only last month and was happy with iOS7 on my iPhone; looks very promising for this fall release.... And then come the Nokia Lumia 925..... I bought one 2 days ago.... But I'll keep my iPhone5 cause I know I will return to it.
    The fact is I finally realized what I really like about smartphones; I want it to have a premium look and feel, I want premium accessories like craddles, car support and I want technology that is really relevant to my day to day use.
    Today, I found that on Nokia's Lumia series.... I know WP8 has limitations (I'm not really a big Instagram user..) but I also realized that, out of iOS, I prefer much more WP8 to Android that I find to be too fragmented and complicated, with a lot of gimnick features (Samsung Galaxy).
    Today, I tap my Lumia on the wireless charging stand before going to sleep and enable my bedside mode through NFC, I tap my Lumia on the wireless car charger when I enter my car in order to activate navigation through NFC, it tells me through the bluetooth whenever I get a message, asking me if I want to read, ignore or delete it (Without having to ask Siri; it tells me automatically); this is a missing feature on iOS as far as I know.
    Basically, I would love Apple to create a beautifull Apple charging dock and car charger that I would be proud to put into my premium car :-) (iOS in the car looks promising but I'm not going to change my car for that)....
    Don't know you but a company like Apple (Or Nokia) can buys me with accessories, features that I need and beauty of the device; the iPhone is already a beautiful and premium look and feel phone, now please Apple create some beautiful and premium accessories that goes within plus some compelling features that make me wanna switch again.
    I'll be using the Lumia 925 for some time but I know what it's going to happen in the next few months..... I'll be back!
  • if verizon would get the htc one i'd probably pick one of those up. but they haven't and i refuse to buy a samsung phone. i got bored of the iphone after some time. i'd switch but there aren't many choices out there that appeal to me.
  • I'm on iOS 7 beta 4 and been using iOS 7 beta since release. I'm a little bored of iOS & iPhone right now. Been bored since iOS 5, to a point were my battery last longer simply because I haven't been using my iPhone 5 much lately. I come from the jailbreak world and even with that I was still bored. For me iOS 7 paint job is both amazing and bad. Lock screen amazing icons and not just home screen icons and some UI choices are bad. Most of my boredom is from the lack of real useful features. Siri is better but still pretty useless give or take. 3th party Apps still feel detached from the rest of the system. And we still gonna wait for full iOS updates to fix things wrong in default apps like safari. "Best iOS 7 feature is block contacts which every other phone had years ago." Overall I want a bigger not taller screen. iPad mini made iPads more comfortable to use. I feel a bigger screen iPhone would be more useful for day to day use. Using an Android for brief periods of time may me wish for an iPhone with a bigger (4.5") not taller screen. If people had a choice they would choose bigger iPhone 8 out of 10 phones.
  • I just bought a S4 (My first Android) and at first I was really disappointed. With iPhone, everything is simple and easy to use straight out of the box. Samsung, IMO, really messes up the Android with their TouchWiz and endless hidden options. I'm not sure if it's Android or Samsung, but there are a lot of redundant things about the OS that make it feel cluttered.
    To make my experience better, I purchased Nova Launcher. While it pisses me off that I had to purchase a launcher to improve my experience, I'm glad I did. It was just frustrating that I had to spend days figuring out how to customize the phone to my liking, but I guess that is also a perk to others who are into that. Buying a launcher saved me from spending a $50 restocking fee by spending $4 instead. I now like my S4 and depending on what Apple puts out next, it may be hard for me to give up my Android.
    The biggest reason for switching is the larger screen. The iPhone screen looks so ridiculously small now compared to my old 4S and even my wife's 5. For that reason alone, I may not be able to embrace another iPhone until they improve in the screen size department. I’ve seen all the large screen arguments but I believe if Apple is a truly innovative company, they can make it work with some OS tweaks where everyone is happy.
    iOS 7 is really nothing too special IMO. It adds only a couple more features that are useful. The biggest turnoff is the more feminine looking OS. Sorry, but it’s too bright and colorful and unfortunately the them hasn’t been able to adapt to colors of my liking.
    I did sign up for T-Mobile’s JUMP, so I’ll see how things play out in the next 6 months.
  • iPhone is production ready. Sent from the iMore App
  • Not so much with my iPhone, but I have been thinking about the new Nexus 7. I really want the iPad Mini but want to wait and see what version 2 brings. Gah! So hard to wait...
  • Definitely bored with iPhone. iOS7 doesn't feel cohesive (yet) and some of the colors are a turn off (folder backgrounds!). I don't think that the iOS redesign is enough to get me over the hump. OTOH, through work I have access to several Android devices but my ventures with them have never lasted more than a couple of days. Redundant apps, buggy apps, poorly designed apps, OEM skins, all big turnoffs. I am married to the Apple ecosystem at this point. All of my media was purchased through Apple. It would cost too much to move all of that to Google/Amazon. So alas, I'm stuck. My wish would be for a 5" iPhone. I feel even the 5 is too small of a device these days. The bigger screens on Android phones is what has me looking their way every time.
  • That happened to me during the first week with my iPhone 4s a year ago, I was a Blackberry user and was used to be entertained fixing my blackberry re downloading stuff, complaining etc... But as soon as I got the iPhone I had no issues! it's really the perfect smartphone or at least in my experience I haven't had something to complain about. So for me the boring part was that it is so perfect theres no room to keep yourself entertained with your smartphone.
  • Perhaps I am different than most people on this blog since I am in my 40s, raising two kids, paying a mortgage on a 7 figure home and supporting my motorcycle hobby, and maybe that is why I don't "get bored" of my iPhone5? A phone is indeed more than it used to be- it is a full multifunctional computer than manages our lives both socially and professionally. But when something works, I don't go looking elsewhere to replace it. I am too busy with LIFE.
    OK I am still a gadget geek or I wouldn't be reading phone blogs but reading about tech is one thing. Getting bored of a tool I use daily to manage my life is another thing. Switching phones to a different ecosystem like Android would possibly cause all sorts of unforeseen headaches and time delays for someone who has every minute of their day already booked a month in advance.
  • I certainly wouldn't say that I'm bored, but I'm getting to the point of jumping ship because Android devices meet my current needs better than the iPhone. I'm still rocking my iPhone 4 and waiting with baited breath for a bigger screen iPhone (the iPhone 5's screen is longer, but I want wider for improved keyboard operation). If we don't get a 4.3-4.7" iPhone soon, I will be switching. I love my iPhone, love how it operates, and enjoy the ecosystem...but I really, really want a larger (and wider) screen. I don't care about one handed use. I care about reading text without squinting and typing without constant typos due to the tiny keyboard. If Apple doesn't want to cater to me, Google and Samsung seem more than happy to.
  • It appears many of you suffer from ADD and the need for "greener grass" phone(s). It's not so much the phone for me as the it's OS and ecosystem. That's why I stick with the iPhone/Apple world.
    Perhaps the problem is actually galvanized and more acute for Android users for they are bombarded with new phones weekly, if not daily. The temptation for them to switch phones might be greater than for someone like me who's willing to "wait" 6 months (or so) for a new iPhone model.
    BTW, Richard, I disagree with this statement: "Given some thought the iPhone 5 was boring at launch..." Judging by my circle of friends/family who are using the "5" it was nothing like that for us.
  • Only phone I'd consider is the GS4 active mainly cause the active part (but I have a life proof on my iPhone 5) and also the sick camera features like the drama mode! That's sick!! Apple really needs to step up the camera features beyond a square mode and filters Samsung is destroying them in the camera department. As much as I hate android ill switch for the camera. Apple has 2 new phones to make b4 I upgrade and make a decision Sent from the iMore App
  • Nokia keeps calling my name, and I keep listening to their sweet song!
  • I'm on my 3rd Android phone. 3rd phone only because I switched carriers and switched back. I've never experienced the problems you guys have had. Maybe its just luck. I enjoy the customization of Android. I recently downloaded Buzz Launcher and there are many different themes and icon packs. I can make my phone look completely different, to suit my personality. Whereas, I'm bored with the lack of customization on my iPad. I can't make it look any different than my wife's iPad. However, I am excited about the iOS 7 update. I don't get excited about new hardware nowadays, because a phone will not exceed its usefulness after 2-3 years. I've learned I don't have to have the latest, I just want to make it look like the greatest.
  • I haven't seen a phone that really makes me want to dump my iphone. The exception perhaps is the Nokia Lumia 1020... Some of these 'zoom later' shots are insanely beautiful. It isn't on verizon though, so no temptation for me.
  • As of now I am happy with my Samsung Galaxy. Maybe in future I may think of upgrading to Apple if need comes.