iPhone 14 Pro's stunning 48MP power explored in new comparison

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One of the biggest upgrades to the iPhone 14 Pro this year is the new 48MP camera sensor in the main camera, which promises to deliver amazing ProRAW photos in the most detail ever captured on iPhone. 

While the camera sounds good on paper, it's hard to qualify or quantify the impact that a vastly improved sensor can have on images taken on your iPhone. 

However, now thanks to our friends at Tom's Guide we have our first look at just how much difference the 48MP sensor makes in comparison to the usual 12MP. 

Tested to the limit

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(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

In a new camera comparison piece over at Tom's Guide, test shots reveal how Apple's new 48MP ProRAW shots delivered vastly more detail in images compared to 12MP.

"The 48MP camera in ProRAW mode is very impressive, especially if you want to potentially zoom in or crop an image after a fact to reframe your shot. And we really only tested one aspect of ProRAW here," Mark Spoonauer concluded, praising the ProRAW shots as "more realistic" and having more life-like contrast and fewer artifacts, and offering more creative freedom to edit photos. 

The article also features handy comparison sliders so you can see extremely clearly the impact 48MP ProRAW capability has on test shots. Apple's new best iPhone, the iPhone 14 Pro, also benefits from a new Photonic Engine which applies Deep Fusion earlier on in the image processing change to deliver more detail and better colors. The 48MP quad-pixel sensor also has image stabilization and in most photos combines four pixels into one larger 2.44-micron pixel for better low-light performance and the same picture size as 12MP photos. 

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