The best iPhone 14 Pro feature no one is talking about

Space Black iPhone 14 Pro
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When a new iPhone launches, the tech industry gets set ablaze. Everyone wants to know the new phone's features, and reviewers are eager to tell them. Each year, one or two features become the star of the latest iPhone, and this year is no different.

You've probably heard people talk, ad nauseam, about Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. Yes, it's a cool, new feature that deserves its time in the spotlight. It's flashy, fun, and functional, and it almost leaps out right at you as soon as you put an iPhone 14 Pro in your hand. However, in my experience, having an iPhone 14 in my hands for a week now, Dynamic Island is small potatoes compared to my favorite feature. 

The iPhone 14 Pro's best feature doesn't even have a name

(Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

Dynamic Island has a silly name — like, really silly — meanwhile, the best iPhone 14 Pro feature doesn't even have a name. That's right. There's no toggle switch to turn it on in Settings, and it doesn't cause the iPhone to have some crazy bump on the back of the phone — here's looking at you, 48MP camera.

No, the new best iPhone feature is subtle yet essential to daily use. Any guesses? It's the increased screen brightness in the sun, of course!

It's much easier to see the iPhone 14 Pro in sunlight

Space Black iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro with Always-On display running. (Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

If you didn't know, the iPhone 14 Pro can reach a peak brightness of 2000 nits in bright conditions — like being outside in the sun. In addition, it's two times brighter in bright light than its predecessor, which makes using your iPhone in the sun a lot easier.

I've been blown away by just how valuable and noticeable the increased brightness is when I'm using my iPhone 14 Pro outside. When I'm out taking pictures, I get a much better view of the screen, allowing me to see what I'm trying to photograph clearly. Plus, on-screen text is way easier to read n the iPhone 14 Pro if you're outside the sun.  

Whether I'm reading a book out in the sunroom of my house, scrolling through Twitter on a stroll in the park, or I'm just catching up on today's news as I wait for the bus, being able to see the screen much better has proven to be a huge quality-of-life improvement in my day-to-day life. Plus, it also improves the accessibility of the iPhone 14 Pro for people who have impaired vision. 

Sometimes its the small things

It's not surprising that the increased brightness hasn't made a ton of headlines ‚ it doesn't have the mass appeal or sexy factor that something like Dynamic Island does. However, it's one thing you must experience for yourself to truly understand its value.

It just shows the most talked about features aren't always the ones you will find the most valuable in your life. 

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