Iterate brings together the best designers and app producers in the business to talk user interface, human interaction, icon design, and user experience from concept to implementation. Loop until done.



  • Marc Edwards is director and lead designer of app development house Bjango, best known for Mac apps like iStat and the upcoming design tool, Skala, and co-host of the Iterate podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @marcedwards.
  • Seth Clifford is chief information officer at mobile design and marketing company Nickelfish where they build apps and make websites for American Express, BMW, Verizon, and other leading businesses. Co-host of Iterate, you can follow him on Twitter @sethclifford
  • Rene Ritchie is executive producer at Mobile Nations and co-host of a plethora of podcasts including the iMore show about everything Apple, Debug for developers, Iterate for designers, Vector for news and analysis), ZEN & TECH for health and wellbeing, and Review for movies and entertainment. He's also the co-host of MacBreak Weekly on Leo Laporte's TWiT network. Follow him on Twitter @reneritchie.

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