Review is like app or game coverage but for movie series, television shows, comic books, and other entertainment. Great stuff you can watch and enjoy on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. For some shows we pick a recent movie or TV show and talk about not just the film or show, but the series of films and seasons of shows that led up to it. Something it's the latest movie or show, sometimes it's a classic from the 80s, and sometimes it's just a little bit of everything good and geeky.



  • Guy English is an app and game developer currently working on Napkin for Mac and a variety of consulting work for iOS and OS X. He co-hosts Debug, a casual interview show for developers, and Review and entertainment show that focuses on the best of movies, TV, and comics. You can find him at Kickingbear and follow him on Twitter @gte
  • Georgia Dow is psychotherapist, speaker, and editor. She co-hosts ZEN & TECH, which works on centering our inner geeks and helping us live better connected lives, and Review, which focuses on movies, TV shows, and entertainment. You can find her on Mobile Nations and follow her on Twitter @Georgia_Dow
  • Matt Drance is a former evangelist at Apple and current software consultant. He writes for Apple Outsider and co-hosts the 80s movies episodes of Review. Follow him on Twitter @drance
  • Don Melton worked on Netscape and Nautilus before being hired by Apple to spearhead both WebKit and Safari. After retiring as director of internet technology he began writing at and co-hosting the 80s movies episodes of Review.Follow him on Twitter @donmelton
  • Dave Wiskus is a designer best known for his work on Vesper, a podcaster who co-hosts the casual interview show Unprofessional and the entertainment show Review, and the musical talent behind Airplane Mode. You can find him at Better Elevation and follow him on Twitter @dwiskus.
  • Rene Ritchie is executive producer at Mobile Nations and co-host of a plethora of podcasts including the iMore show about everything Apple, Debug for developers, Iterate for designers, Vector for news and analysis), and Review for movies and entertainment. He's also the co-host of MacBreak Weekly on Leo Laporte's TWiT network. Follow him on Twitter @reneritchie.

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