Brave Imore Search ScreenshotSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Brave's new privacy-first search engine is available in beta.
  • The search engine is available at

Brace's privacy-first and tracker-free search engine is now available in public beta, meaning anyone can take it for a spin right now. You don't need to be using the Brave web browser either – just point your app of choice to and be on your way.

As shared by Brave, the new search engine is based on an independent index of the web which means you won't be seeing the same results as you might on Google or Bing – this is all-new. It's also a step in the right direction for the ultimate goal of complete iPhone privacy.

Starting today, online users have a new independent option for search which gives them unmatched privacy. Whether they are already Brave browser users, looking to expand their online privacy protection with the all-in-one, integrated Brave Search in the Brave browser, or users of other browsers looking for the best-in-breed privacy-preserving search engine, they can all use the newly released Brave Search beta that puts users first, and fully in control of their online experience. Brave Search is built on top of a completely independent index, and doesn't track users, their searches, or their clicks.

The new search engine has been tested by more than 100,000 early beta testers and feedback appears to have been positive. My early testing has iMore search results working as expected and a quick vanity search returns my various online profiles and places of work, so that's good. The knowledge that none of that search data is going to be used against me helps as well.

Brave's web browser is already one of the best iPhone apps in terms of browsing the web on the go and now we have a new search engine that'll back our privacy, too. Throw Brave's VPN service and the outfit has pretty much every corner of your internet life covered – all without tracking you across it, too.