Whether you're someone who has just picked up their very first device ever, or someone who has picked up the latest model on its launch date, there's always this nagging question in the back of your mind:

Is one phone truly enough?

I mean every phone does different things, and it's hard not to lust over one or two features in a certain device despite having something top-notch, so do you have more than one phone? Why or why not?


Hello! So I'm a tech enthusiast, specifically with phones. Been on the mobile nations forums for years now. And quite honestly, I've never had two phones because I personally don't think I have enough going on in life to warrant it, but I really would like a second option. Does anyone else have a second phone? I was thinking of getting a Blackberry Keyone because of the keyboard


I have a basic prepaid flip phone with Tracfone. It’s only in case something happens to my iPhone. I don’t have a land line which is the only reason for a second phone, for emergencies.


I don't! I personally just don't see the need, but I do "get" that others here really embrace the technology, and for them, that's awesome. I respect them, and it's nice hearing their opinions.


What about you?

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