Judge Rejects AT&T's Request to Stop Verizon Adds

Speaking of the ongoing ad-war between AT&T and Verizon, according to CNET:

A federal judge in Atlanta Wednesday declined to grant AT&T a temporary restraining order that would force Verizon to stop showing the ads.

So the "map for that" campaign can continue, even as AT&T counters on the marketing front with "side by side".

On the legal front, though certainly a set back, we're sure AT&T's lawyers want to get as much as they can out of this legal challenges will continue as well.

Rene Ritchie

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  • I saw this coming the judge must have a bb on shitty verizon. It's ok im not leaving at&t anyways.
  • Yhe the judge had a ******* verizon phone that's why he said no F-U VERIZON I LOVE ME AT&T PHONE
  • My
  • Well now.... I guess if Verzion customers are ok with iphone and AT&T wanna be's that's good for them. Me I want the real thing and the best service!!! Verzion customers, when your ready for a real iPhone and not some droid, and you wanna have the best 3g coverage. There's a map for that and it leads right to your nearest AT&T store.
  • Verizon need to stop. Sorry *** losers are just made because AT&T still has the iPhone and they know that dam dorid is not even close.
  • Actually Apple and AT&T are in talks of a commercial set to air before the holidays.
  • Verizon 3G covers the most cattle.
  • LOL...that add is soooo funny! I knew that AT&T had no case....the Windows vs. Mac commercials are funny too! I dont know why all you people on here cry soo much about this, It's funny, lighten up...you dont get paid or lose money on these ads, so screw them!
  • @AT.T
    The commercial will probably be funny...I just hope it beats the misfits cause that is classic...who thought of that?HAHAHA
  • Wow that's not good. I'm sure VZW is gonna run them ad nauseam now.
  • @ Ron no wonder the iPhone doesn't have a cattle counting App.
  • AT&T should make a AT&T vs Verizon ad ala Mac vs PC. Verizon guy could point out all his benefits and AT&T guy's response to everything would be "I haz iPhone"
  • Hands down. Verizon has the best coverage and service. I have an at&t iPHone now, and I drop calls all the time. at&t needs to get their sh!t together!
    PS...all of you at&t customers - spell check before you click submit.
  • @TY:
    I knew that AT&T had no case.
    Not really. You simply took a side and had a 50% chance of it turning out your way. This was one judge's totally subjective descision, which easily couldve been decided differently by another judge. It's a lone umpire's call.
    It's no different than one instructor passing someone on their drivers test, when another instructor would've failed them..
    "Misleading" claims are often tough to prove without evidence, so it's not very surprising that this happened.
  • I think a lot of you are in total denial or just need to clean the seed of Steve Jobs from your eyes. You make it sound like AT&T won the case just because they have the iPhone. You do realize that the iPhone is the only thing keeping AT&T customers and once Verizon gets it, I'd like to see how many of you flock to Verizon. And if you left Verizon just for the iPhone, you need to do a walk of shame if you're going to come back to Verizon when it gets the iPhone. AT&T likes to talk a big game, but they really can't prove their claims, instead they just give you the runaround. Verizon talks a big game but they can back it up. I'm just disgusted with how AT&T is run.
  • @tk
    you really think verizon is run any better? They like AT&T are a large corporation that doesn't give a shit about you. Don't kid yourself
  • @TK:
    And if you left Verizon just for the iPhone, you need to do a walk of shame if you’re going to come back to Verizon when it gets the iPhone.
    Verizon turned down the iPhone, but it's okay with you that they crawl back to carry it? Talk about a walk of shame. :roll:
  • AT&T Stink! Should spend the money on more coverage instead of lawyers.
  • @ fastlane
    Apple went to Verizon first huh? we all know that is rumor. you made that sh*t up just like the lasy guy. find some facts to prove that. how much sense does it make that Apple approached Verizon? none! bc why would they make a cdma phone for a carrier in the U.S. JUST to make a gsm version for the world? they wouldnt.
    let's just accept the fact that AT&T isnt up to par with Verizon. just bc you are the fastest doesnt make you the best. theyre commercial with Owen wilson..was a lame attack to say the least.
    @ Therealtruth
    jusdges make decisions based on facts and truth is...AT&T couldnt back up their claim. theyre just being baby's about it and the judge saw that.
  • @bigiPhone, What did you say? Take Steve jobs D**k out of your mouth before you talk. At&t's coverage is a laughing stock, apparently you never tried to make a simple phone call on the Iphone in manhattan. Att coverage sucks. And no im not a verizon customer either so suck it.