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This is going to be a fairly short review. 100 sounds is just what you would think it is: hundreds of various sounds effects to play on your iPhone (more than 100!). They are organized alphabetically by name, and to hear a sound, you simply tap the name of the sound.

There are various settings you can adjust – having a sound repeat, having a time delay, and utilizing the shake to replay a sound or choose a random sound effect. The sounds themselves are varied – ranging from things like airplace, air raid sirens, and clapping to more abstract sounds like "correct", down, "ouch", or ditty. Some of the sounds are clear and concise, some are a little more difficult to comprehend. The previously mentioned "ouch" for example, sounded like someone with a helium voice saying ouch in 1/10th of a second!

This app was billed as being fun for kids, but one of the problems I found was that unless the kid can read (which my daughter can't do yet), there is no way to identify the sounds. Having some sort of icon or image associated with the sounds would be much more fun for kids. Also, some of the sounds could be stretched out somewhat. A sound effect that lasts less than one second (in some cases) seems sort of pointless to me.

It would also be cool to be able to view categories out sounds – animals, human, speech, machine, abstract, etc. That might help clarify some of the more random sounds effect – for example, is the "fabulous" effect – is that someone saying "fabulous", or is it some musical effect that is supposed to denote "fabulous". (It turns out it is the former, but that isn't always the case).

The quality of the sounds are very good, although some of them were a little short (as I mentioned before). For the most point, I could make out what the sounds was supposed to be very easily. One nice feature that they are offering is that they will email you a ringtone of 5 sounds effects if you like. This is nice, since some of these could make cool ringtones (I don't know why Apple won't let an app make a ringtone!)

The last feature that I think would be really cool would allow a user to program their own sound track. Create a routine of sound effects (which effects, how long, et) that you could start and it would play over a certain length of time.

The breadth of sound effects included in this app are nice – much better than the previous sound effects app I downloaded. But there are a few "tweaks" that could be utilized to make the app better organized and more enjoyable. It is my hope that eventually 100 sounds will continue to add effects, even ones that may seem redundant so you can have more than one option for each type.


  • Nice array of sound effects available


  • More organization options,
  • images for kids would be nice

(Note: the developer responds in the forum thread)

All in all, the sounds effects app does exactly what it claims to be – a repository of sounds effects. Some of them are fun, some of them are a little random, but there is a nice library available. There could be better organization, or since it is listed as a kids app it could have better identification for kids, but for general use this is a nicely designed app. At $.99, the price is not prohibitive and if you wanted to create your own sound track, this app can help you out.

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