Ladybug for iPhone and iPad review: Learn about ladybugs in a fun and interactive way

Scholastic First Discovery: Ladybug is an iPhone and iPad app that is all about ladybugs. It teaches about the basic anatomy, eating habits, and developmental stages of ladybugs and more.

Each page of Ladybug is narrated by a woman's voice and includes fun interactions. For examples, you can view a 3D model of a ladybug, tap its wings to see them open, and help a ladybug eat a bunch of aphids.

The good

  • Clean design
  • Great graphics and illustrations
  • Interesting
  • Interactive
  • Fully narrated

The bad

  • Not universal. iPhone and iPad versions are separate purchases even though there aren't any special interface elements for the iPad version.

The bottom line

If you have kids, they are sure to enjoy learning about ladybugs with Ladybug for iPhone and iPad. It's easy to use and has fun interactions. And you never know, you may learn a thing or two yourself that you never knew about ladybugs!

Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • I've seen everything. Now there is an app about lady bugs. I can't wait for the app about catipillar. Great app review, it's always excited to hear about all the different apps.
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