Developer Cromulent Labs has released the follow up to its versatile Notification Center utility, Launcher. With Launcher, you can create a custom widget for the Notification Center on your iPhone or iPad, and Launcher 2.0 expands on that ability by letting you create multiple widgets. This update also lets you backup and restore your launchers from iCloud.

Launcher now lets you build multiple context-aware widgets

Here's what's new in Launcher 2.0:

  • Multiple Widgets!
    • With new in-app purchase, you can create 5 more widgets for more space for launchers and better organization.
    • Set up widgets to show or hide based on the time, day and/or location. Create specific widgets for home, work, weekdays, or the gym.
    • Not available on the iPhone 4S
  • Backup and restore launchers to and from iCloud
  • More icon customization. Choose from round icons or create your own custom icons
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

You can grab Launcher 2.0 from the App Store now.

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