The League: a dating app you probably aren't allowed to use

Say goodbye to Tinder with a dating app so elite, there's a screening process and a waitlist of over 100,000 people chomping at the bit to connect with their perfect partner. The app is called The League, and it's caused a bit of commotion online from both supporters and naysayers.

What is The League?

The app's founder and Stanford University graduate, Amanda Bradford, created the app as a sort of "Tinder for elites", which means not just anyone who's single can join – there's an intensive screening process, or 'advanced screening algorithm' (which the app refuses to disclose) that users have to go through in order to be considered at all.

Can anyone (try to) join?

Even though the private beta was only recently available in San Francisco and New York, The League has started its expansion to other cities, including Los Angeles, with plans to eventually move across North America.

What happens if I get accepted?

Once your profile is accepted, The League makes your dating experience as easy as pie. The app promises no voyeurs, no games, no noise, no fake profiles, the ability to hide your profile from friends and coworkers, and more. But while the appeal of stress-free dating is unbelievably attractive, some people are heated knowing they probably won't be allowed to make a profile.

In January, a senior student from Stanford University spotted an internship opportunity from The League and took the opportunity to voice her opinion on the app online:

I just wanted to say, as a Stanford senior, I am totally and utterly ashamed that this dating service came out of Stanford… is it possible to get more elitist than this? … Do you realize there are millions of people out there who are kinder, nicer, harder working, more devoted, passionate, and interesting people than those who you believe are 'qualified' for your service, but that simply do not have the same opportunities as you, and I, have had?

But Bradford clapped back quickly at all the hate for her app:

Is it possible that Stanford admissions standards have gone down? … Anyone can apply and join the League regardless of their income, the family they're from, their profession, or what schools they've attended.

It's not clear when The League will be available in more than the current three cities, but if you're itching to join another dating app in the meantime, check out [OkCupid]('s app, Hinge, or HowAboutWe – we promise there's no screening process involved.

P.S., if you're looking to apply for an internship position, a few are actually still available. As Bradford concludes in her response to the Stanford student:

Thanks for responding to our community manager internship. Unfortunately, based on the intellectual rigor you demonstrated in your work above, you wouldn't meet our criteria, but please tell your friends we're hiring!

Cella Lao Rousseau

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