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Lightning Review: Absolute Fitness

Lightning Reviews are back with a flash (get it?). Today's review: a review of Absolute Fitness ($14.99 in the App Store (opens in new tab)) by smileyboy. Smileyboy will receive a 25% off coupon to our iPhone Accessories Store. Want to win just such a coupon yourself? Find out how here. The folks at the store tell us that their selection of iPhone 3G cases is really ramping up now -- just be sure to select what kind of iPhone you have in the upper-left to ensure compatibility.

One of my favorite things to do is to workout. I love staying in shape and using technology to do it. Before the iPhone, there were various Palm and WM apps that I would use. The process became very tedious. Sometimes the device would reset, the programs were incomplete at times and so on.

I stared using the iPhone and I went back to my notebook and a pencil at the gym, because there were no apps. That is until the 2.0 software and the AppStore came out. The first app I tried was Fit 1.0. I can't even begin to explain how incomplete this app is. I began another search. I found Absolute Fitness.

This App is perfect. Read on to see why!

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First off. I have all of my workout/exercise apps in one row as you can see. This keeps everything organized and I am able to find my apps quick and easy.

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During the set up of this app, you are first asked about your sex, DOB, Activity level, Height, Weight measurement system, Weight goal, target weight, Daily value calculation and Daily Value Reduction %. All of these settings help set up this app so that it can effectively help you accomplish your goals of loosing weight, gaining weight or staying the same.

The next step, is this app will give you a video tour of how to best use Absolute Fitness. The video loaded very fast and was very informative. There is also a User Guide that is available to look at too.


The diary keeps track of all your food and exercise. In the diary, you can add items according to the time the were eaten, you can modify the quantity of food you eat, you can choose food as a favorite so that you can save it for the next day. I love this feature. Especially sine I have Starbucks, coffee with 4 pumps of toffee nut with room for cream, gronola and yogurt or scrabled eggs and wheat toast every morning. I also do a 45 min spin class and run 4 miles a day. In this way, I don't have to select the foods through the database each time. I just go to the favorites and select the item. It makes it real quick to add my daily foods and exercises.

The food selection is vast and there is everything in the database from Water to twizzlers, from Chicken to Herring. The exercising selection too is complete. There are a lot of exercises as well. With both food and exercising I am able to add custom meals and exercises that are not part of the the database. I can add these items to my favorites to be used on a regular basis.


The best part of this app is that you can go back and see you progress, or lack there off. Absolute Fitness lets you see your Calorie intake, Cholesterol, Sodium, Potassium, protein, Total Carbs, Sat fat etc....

Hands down this is the best fitness app and I have found and I recommend it. I have lost 5lb by keeping track of everything an I don't know where I'd be without it.

Thanks for reading

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  • I wish that "Absolute Fitness" had the ability to add notes to items, plus I was a little discouraged yesterday that I couldn't select that I'd had only two pieces of a pizza, instead of the ENTIRE thing! But that would just be icing on the cake... I agree that it's a great app!
  • Actually, the new 1.1 version has the ability to add notes as well as tracks body fat %, blood pressure, and others. It also added the ability to add meals and other cool stuff
  • Exsersize? What's that? Spell-check much? Editor much?
  • Ped Antic, let's see YOUR review
  • Yep, I did need to edit that. Oh well, on next review I'll do it in iWork first then copy and paste. Sorry about that.
    I love this app though. Very cool.
    Thx for the coupon.
  • Great review! Now you'll need to update it for version 1.1; which is a major improvement over 1.0. I also want to add that the Support folks at Aqua Eagle (the developer) are very responsive. They responded to my inquirery in less than 2 hours. And they are already working on another update to provide even more functionality. This app is definitely worth $14.99.
  • Yeah, I definitely agree to you guys! However, extraordinary quality and luxury user experience always comes along with unbearably high price. For those people who are willing to pay less for similar enjoyment, do find us!
  • Fixed the spelling errors -- everybody simma down, kay?
  • Are you seriusly using an app so to loose wheight. 15 dollars? LOL
    Just give up on fast food and eat healthy homemade meals and exersise.
    Stop wasting your time with these stupid apps
    They dont help.
  • Endrit - you obviously don't understand what it's like to eat only small portions of healthy home-made foods and work out at a gym for 45 minutes a day only to find you have gained 2 pounds in a week! Tracking is a known and proven way to see your errors and fix them before they get out of control. It helps you target the trouble spots and eliminate the foods that seem to be sabotaging your efforts, etc. Wake up and smell the sweat!
  • P.S. As for the price, are you serious? Expensive my ptunie! It's less than four gallons of gas, less than a movie for two without food, less, even, than a single hardcover book! But it lasts and lasts!
  • This is a really cool application. As far as cost goes, 15 bucks is very reasonable if you're going to take the time to enter this stuff in the first place. Tried paper and journals and just about everything. This removes any and all excuses and puts it all back on me and the simple question of whether or not I'm paying attention to what I eat. As far as the "just give up fast food and eat home-made meals," comment goes, if you'd use an application like this, you'd quickly see that fast food is not always bad for you (calorically speaking) and home-made meals certainly ARE NOT good for you. An application like this is a real education and a potential life changer. Again, no room to complain about 15 bucks.
  • Oops. Meant to say homemade meals ARE NOT good for you simply by virtue of being made at home, hidden calories in things you don't suspect and...etc.
  • Sending 68 screenshots (right now to AquaEagle) of multiple crashes in a 24-hour period of using Absolute Fitness, rendering it useless. GUI crashes (2 docks on bottom and/or misaligned interface mid-screen) & dial crashes are the main problem.
    Just learned a few days ago how to take screenshots of the iPhone. Had been in the process of creating a User Manual with the screenshots to organize where certain screens were, and how to navigate back to them. For example, I discovered a brilliant RED SCREEN. The is the BEST of it's type. Would be worth the price as soon as Aqua Eagle fixes the Lethal BUGS.
  • Features needed GUI:
    Bottom Dock items should be customizable like iPhone's iPod = {Playlists} {Songs} {Artists} {Podcasts} {More...} --> {Albums} {Composers} et al.
    Fitness Dock = {Diary} {Inputs} {Stats} {Graphs} {More} --> {Favorites} {Categories} {Search} {Custom} {Preferences}
    My Customized Dock = {Diary} {Search} {Favorites} {Custom} {More} --> {Categories} {Inputs} {Stats} {Graphs} {Preferences}
  • New Meal: Hideous !!!
    New Meal MUST - BE- ABLE - TO - EDIT - IT !!!!
    Chef salad crashes in the middle of adding items to the meal. Lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, bacon bits, croutons, whatever...
    Apparently after naming the item, it MUST be saved. But, you can't save it without adding at least one item. But, if you add an item, it may/will crash in the middle of adding items 'cause it decided to save the name. But, if you save it before it crashes, you can't edit. Meal unfinished.
  • I'm surprised by this review... i was very disappointed in the lack of food and exercise options. I was expecting a much larger database. I couldn't find elliptical, pilates or spinning for exercises... aren't they all very commonplace? And many basic foods are no where to be found. this needs a lot of help to get the database up to speed.
  • I was wondering if the program tracks body fat can workout, diet and still gain pounds...lean muscle weighs more than fat....