Little Town Hero: Everything you need to know

The Nintendo Switch has no shortage of excellent JRPGs, but they can often take hours upon hours to finish. Even some of the most popular, such as Pokemon and Dragon Quest, can be grinds to get through if you're a busy person with limited time to play games. Fortunately, Game Freak has emerged with an RPG for busy people, with a unique battle system to boot.

Little Town Hero is on its way for the Nintendo Switch, bringing a cute, semi-traditional RPG to the system's collection that will require players to be creative to get ahead.

What is Little Town Hero?

Little Town Hero is a turn-based RPG made by Game Freak, coming to the Nintendo Switch. It follows the story of a young boy living in an isolated village who is suddenly sent on a big adventure. The game features somewhat unconventional battle mechanics and is specifically designed for busy people who don't want to grind their way through a long, repetitive RPG.

What is the game's story?

In an isolated village guarded by a castle, everyone is content not to worry about the outside world -- except one boy, our main protagonist, named Axe. When monsters appear out of the blue one day, he finds himself as the only one able to fight them off thanks to a strange red stone he's discovered. This sends him off on a strange adventure looking for the origin of the monsters so he can fully protect his village.

How do you play?

Little Town Hero's RPG battles are a bit unusual. You don't need to grind lots of monsters to level up and get stronger. Instead, you fight bosses with ideas. In each battle, you'll get a menu of choices for different things to do, such as "Throw" or "Improvise." You want to use moves that counter the moves being used by the enemy in order to defeat them, which means you'll have to use logic and creativity to win.

You'll also be able to move around the town while fighting the attacking monsters, and can even get help from the other villagers as you fight.

What is the game's connection with Pokemon?

Little Town Hero is developed by Game Freak, the studio that also develops the Pokemon games. Although this game is not a Pokemon game by any means, the game is likely to have plenty of stylistic echoes of the Pokemon titles. And since it's an RPG, it's likely to be enjoyed by many of the same fans.

What is the game's connection with Undertale?

Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale (as well as its composer) has composed the music for Little Town Hero. Don't expect explicit Undertale connections, but if you enjoy Fox's music, you'll probably enjoy bopping along to the tunes in this game too.

Can you play with friends?

No, Little Town Hero is a single-player game only.

Can you play online?

No, although the game does support cloud saves with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

When can I get it?

Little Town Hero is planned for launch on Nintendo Switch on October 16, 2019. It will cost $25.

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