Logitech Ipad Air Folio TouchSource: Logitech

What you need to know

  • Logitech has announced the Folio Touch for iPad Air 4.
  • It's a "versatile and flexible keyboard case".
  • It'll cost $159.99 from October.

Logitech has announced its own keyboard and trackpad combination that's designed with the newly announced iPad Air 4 in mind. The new Logitech Folio Touch will ship in October and will cost $159.99.

The new keyboard and trackpad combo is very similar to a keyboard by the same name that's designed for the iPad Pro. It's also a direct competitor to Apple's Magic Keyboard, too.

This keyboard isn't just about typing, though. You can use it for watching movies or even drawing, too.

Folio Touch supports four use modes including typing, viewing, sketching and reading, providing the incredible versatility for new iPad Air users. Dock the keyboard upright and pull out the kickstand, up to 40 degrees, to type out notes or emails. When you don't need to type, simply fold back the keyboard and sit back and relax to use the new iPad Air for movie watching or sketching.

The built-in trackpad is designed with iPadOS 14 in mind, making use of its advanced pointer support. That lets this keyboard not just give you a way to type, but also turns the iPad Air into a full desktop replacement, too.

Work in apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote with the integrated trackpad to easily highlight spreadsheet cells, copy words and edit emails. Using Folio Touch's trackpad, increase your productivity with the same multi-finger gesture controls you already know and love such as swipe, scroll, switch apps, pinch and double-tap.

It isn't available yet and you can't pre-order it, but Logitech says the Folio Touch will be available from its own online store and Apple's web store, too.