Macos Ar ConceptSource: Dominik Hofacker

What you need to know

  • This concept shows us what macOS could look like when it moves into the 3D world via augmented reality.

Those of a certain age will remember watching Tom Cruise working his futuristic computer in Minority Report and, if this concept is any indication, we could get something similar via the humble Mac.

Created by Dominik Hofacker and shared by Cult of Mac, this concept takes macOS and turns it into a virtual interface that floats above a desk. Users can reach out and touch interface elements to interact with them and because there are no physical displays, you can have more than one without the mess of cables! What's more, you can move elements away from the display altogether – like the Touch Bar, but useful.

While some users currently run two screen setups (and you can always draft in your iPhone or iPad to give you some extra displays while working), this concept depicts different tabs or windows on a display as, well, entirely different virtual windows sitting in augmented reality on a desktop. In doing so, it could blur the line between a desktop Mac and a portable MacBook.

Of course, all of this requires the arrival of Apple's AR glasses which may or may not happen at some point between tomorrow and 2030, depending on who you listen to. But after years of people arguing about whether the Mac can handle a touch interface and whether iPads can handle a mouse and keyboard, wouldn't it be cool if the real future was neither of those things?

Who needs physical devices when you've got an AR headset and some space in which to work?