Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Wildlife Count Along for iPhone and iPad review

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Wildlife Count Along is a fun app for kids based off the popular Disney Junior show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. In this app, your child will join Mickey and his friends on a road trip around the globe to get to Mickey Beach. As you travel through different places, you'll learn about wildlife habits while counting groups of animals and taking their pictures. Early math concepts including sequencing, size, and numeral matching are constantly reinforced in the various activities and play-along games.

To begin the journey, you must first help Mickey and his friends pack up their stuff and get in the car. Once they're all loaded up, it's time to head to the beach, but Mickey doesn't follow the signs and ends up in the Desert instead. He makes this mistake over and over again which takes the crew to a lot of different locations. Mickey and his friends stay positive, though, and take advantage of enjoying the wildlife that are native to each habitat, finding groups of animals with a specific number of animals, and taking their pictures.

At each habitat, there are a few different types of animals that the Clubhouse members get to count and take photos of.

Once you've taken photos of groups of animals, you can help Mickey put together a scrapbook by arranging the photos by the number of animals in each picture. For example, on one page you'll be asked to put a photo with 7 animals and on another page you'll need to place a photo with 3 animals.

The good

  • Activities aimed at counting and sequencing numbers 1-10
  • Hands-on practice with key early math concepts of more than and less than, and group to numeral matching
  • Match over 20 different animals to one of five fascinating habitats!
  • Character voices from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and exciting sound effects!
  • Original artwork and animation as well as fun effects such as Tap, Shake, and Tilt!
  • Story extension activities for parents and caregivers
  • Great graphics
  • Universal for iPhone and iPad

The bad

  • No iPad 1 support

The conclusion

If you have a little one who's a fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, they are bound to love Mickey's Wildlife Count Along. They get to interact with all their favorite Clubhouse members and learn about counting on the way. My daughter is just a little over 2 years old and thus a little too young to fully understand the goals of the game, but she still has loads of fun identifying animals, repeating numbers, and saying "cheese" when it's time to take a photo. In fact, writing this review became rather difficult when she discovered that I was "playing" with one of her favorite apps.

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Leanna Lofte

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