Some feel there's got to be more to this Microsoft Pink platform, Turtle and Pure phone concept than meets the eye. We're wondering if, like Newman on Seinfeld, there's actually less?

Could it really just be a Microsoft Sidekick running Zune HD software?

On the face, we'd say that's crazy. Microsoft already has Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Mobile 7, and the Zune HD on the market, would they really fragment their offering further by releasing an Instinct-class consumer phone?

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Anyone else, never. Microsoft, absolutely.

In their defense, they've said Windows 7 will be their iPhone killa, while Windows 6.5 targets Android. These bad boys? We're honestly not sure... However, going this route does mean they likely won't stab their WinMo hardware partners where it hurts, the way they did their MP3 player partners when they abandoned PlaysForSure and released the Zune...

[Gizmodo via WMExperts]