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Get 20% off high-speed 4G data service! [Best deal for LTE]

We're super excited about this awesome deal (opens in new tab) from Mint Mobile, available exclusively to iMore readers. For a limited time, use coupon code IMMINTSIM20 to receive 20% off any 6- or 12-month plan.

Mint Mobile is an alternative carrier with one focus: offering the most consistent high-speed 4G LTE data (it runs off T-Mobile's growing network) at insanely low prices.

You'll receive unlimited talk and text, with insanely low prices on ultra-fast, reliable 4G LTE data. Here's how it breaks down after the coupon is applied (opens in new tab):

  • 2GB of high-speed data just for $13.60 per month 1
  • 5GB of high-speed data just for $20.27 per month 1
  • 10GB of high-speed data for an insanely low $26.93 per month! Best deal! 1

Obviously, not everyone needs unlimited data, which is why these plans from Mint Mobile are so compelling. When you work out the cost per gigabyte, it's much lower than the equivalent you'd pay at one of the Big Four carriers.

Choose the plan that's best for you (opens in new tab) and start saving today, with no contract required. This is a limited time offer reserved just for iMore readers. Remember, use coupon code IMMINTSIM20 to receive 20% off any 6- or 12-month plan. The deal expires March 31, so get going!

Learn more at (opens in new tab)

1. Savings based on 12-month plan. Includes regulatory recovery fee. Plan requires compatible phone. Please see for details.

Daniel Bader is a Senior Editor at iMore, offering his Canadian analysis on Apple and its awesome products. In addition to writing and producing, Daniel regularly appears on Canadian networks CBC and CTV as a technology analyst.

  • Cool! Now to do the same thing for us, Canadians 😁
  • Anyone try Mint SIM and can recommend it? I have T-Mobile $30 100 minute/5gb plan. I love my T-Mobile service but sometimes the 100 minute cap is stressful. I'm wondering if Mint SIM has a speed cap like Cricket or less robust coverage than non-MVNO T-Mobile service. Thanks in advance to anyone with info!
  • Absolutely awful. The brand new SIM card couldn't be activated and customer support took days to respond. When they did, they requested information I was not comfortable providing. Their 10 day return policy is a scam too, they just don't respond. I had to dispute the charge with Chase. If you're not convinced yet, read their reviews on Reddit and then decide.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience. It seems that they are just clever at affiliate marketing and creative and sadly do not match on the service/customer service level. I'll check out the reddit threads. Seems likely that I'll just upgrade to an unlimited minute plan on T-Mobile or stay on my $30 plan. For anyone contemplating the $30 100min/5gb T-Mobile plan can actually just add $10 to your balance so if you run out of the 100 minutes you'll be just charged at $0.10/minute after. That saved my **** once or twice. Annnnnd, I just talked myself into just keeping my awesome plan haha.
  • That's the same conclusion I came to also. With all the services that rely on my phone number, changing to an off-brand service now seems like a bad idea. One thing I came across though on my T-Mobile plan is something called "Kickback" that gives you money back for data you don't use. It's a way to save $10 / month if you're on WiFi most of the time like I am.
  • Kickback is cool but only for postpaid plans.