Mobile Nations Community Update, October 2014

Community Update

Greetings all! Time again to talk community goodness by wrapping up the best from around Mobile Nations.

Since our last update we've integrated some cool new features into the community, not the least of which is our new Question & Answer feature. Have a question? Head over to the Android Central, Connectedly, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Phone Central Q&A and ask. Our members and volunteers will be there with answers, FAST.

Of course, iMore has been absolutely lit up since the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Add OS X Yosemite, the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and a lineup of new iMacs and Mac minis, and the forums are truly buzzing with activity.

On top of that, we recently launched a Developer Program on Windows Phone Central. No matter if you're a newbie developer or die-hard vet, the program will welcome you with open arms. Be sure to check it out if you're interested (and stay tuned for similar programs coming to our other communities).

Time to get down to it. Keep reading for details on current contests, our volunteer of the month, and more!

Mobile Nations Contests!

If you're looking to win some cool stuff, look no further than any Mobile Nations community. You can check out the ongoing contests below. Remember, new contests can and do go up all the time, so keep checking your favorite Mobile Nations community(ies) for even more contests.

  • Android 5.0 'Lollipop' inspired contest on Android Central
  • iMore's weekly photo contest ('Candy' theme for Halloween!)
  • 'Textures' photo contest on WPCentral
  • Over on CrackBerry, we recently announced the winner of our Rogers BlackBerry Passport Contest. Be sure to check it out if you haven't already!The full details as well as any contest rules and closing dates that may apply can be found on their respective sites. Good luck!

    Community Spotlights

    Android Central:

    If you're a regular at Android Central, you'll know that Phil and his team have been insanely busy, and for good reason. The new Nexus lineup dropped the other day (including the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player). Android 5.0 Lollipop went official, and Andrew's Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review went live (if you're considering the latest Note offering from Samsung, this is a must read). There's still plenty to come, so make sure you keep it locked to Android Central as we head into the fall.


    As usual, Connectedly has been jam-packed full of really cool stories. Recently we learned more about the Tesla D, and we love it (Elon Musk, if you're reading this, we will gladly take one out for a review!). We also learned more about HERE, and their newest in-car technologies. On the smartwatch side of things, our Ultimate Guide to Pebble was published (it's awesome), and if you're looking to pick up a Pebble prices have dropped $50 on both models.


    There's no slowing down over at CrackBerry. The BlackBerry Passport is now available, and you can read Bla1ze's official review right here. You can also take in James Richardson's top 10 game list for the Passport, and be sure to check out details on the BlackBerry Passport Gold Edition. If you're still looking to pick one up, here's a complete list of carriers and places to buy one.


    iMore is picking up momentum as we head into the fall. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been the major focus of community discussion, and Rene and team have been busy writing up great stories and how-to's to support all the interest. Some of my favorites this month include what's on Rene's iPhone 6 Plus right now, how to get started with your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPhone 6 / Galaxy S5 / HTC One M8 camera shootout. I can't wait to see what else the team comes up with now that OS X Yosemite, the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, new iMacs and Mac minis are here!

    Special Mention: Late September we were extremely thrilled (and lucky) to welcome Serenity Caldwell to the iMore team. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to an already stellar crew, and we know you're going to love her contributions to the site. Welcome aboard, Serenity!

    Windows Phone Central:

    As mentioned earlier, we recently started up a brand new developer program on Windows Phone Central, but much more has been going on. If you're into the latest Windows Phone action, you should definitely check out our Nokia Lumia 830 unboxing, and AT&T Lumia 830 vs HTC One showdown. Also be sure to check out 5 great tips from Mark Guim on how to make awesome Color Pop photos with Lumia Creative. Really cool stuff.

    Hot forum threads

    Volunteer of the month


    • Member since: September, 2012
    • Posts: 3.5k
    • Devices: iPhone 5S, iPad

    Cat, aka 'eyecrispy' is one of the most dedicated Volunteers you'll find in the Connectedly Forums. She heads up our Ambassador team, and is always available to help our membership with questions, concerns, or to welcome newbies to the forums.

    Hailing from the St. Louis area, Cat is a huge Cardinals fan (as you might expect from her avatar!). Sadly the Cardinals lost to the Giants in the NLCS, however it was still a great postseason run for the team and everyone in St. Louis. They'll no doubt be in the mix again next year (they always field a great team!).

    She is slightly obsessed with mobile gadgets, and that's a good thing... It makes her an absolute perfect fit for Connectedly. Cat pours over the latest news and updates on everything 'connected' on a daily basis, and updates our editorial team should there be any critical news we've missed!

    Cat, on behalf of Mobile Nations, our staff, volunteers, and millions of members worldwide, I want to thank you for everything you do. It's dedicated volunteers like you that not only make our communities awesome places to be, but ensure our communities will be awesome for years and years to come. We can't do this without you, and for that we are truly grateful.

    *hat tip*

    Until next time...

    James Falconer

    The last week has felt like a month with everything that has gone on... and that's a good thing!

    With new Android devices hitting us (including a new Nexus lineup), a BlackBerry Classic spotted in the wild, new Apple phones, iPads and Macs, along with more Windows Phones and smartwatches appearing on what seems like a weekly basis... it's a good time to be into mobile tech... And the crazy thing is, things are only going to get better.

    As we head towards the holiday season, things are really going to heat up... and don't forget, CES is just around the corner in January 2015, and YES, we will be there to cover it all.

    I'm looking forward to more fun and friends across all Mobile Nations communities this fall, and I hope you are too.

    Be awesome,


    James Falconer Community Manager Mobile Nations @JamesFalconer

    James Falconer