Mobile Nations Weekly: Pixelated Humps

iPhone Smart Battery Case

At long last, the not-a-Nexus-but-kind-of Google Pixel C Android tablet has been unleashed upon the world. It's an interesting, if occasionally confusing and frustrating affair — not unlike the also-just-released Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.

Speaking of confusing, Apple did some of that themselves by releasing their first iPhone battery case, the "Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case", which sent the tech internet into a tizzy over its new polarizing design.

Microsoft pounded the internet pipes last week, pushing out updates for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, and for the first time demonstrating their new ability to push updates to Windows Phones without getting hung up by the carrier approval process. Oh, and the Band 2 got music controls through an update and Microsoft backtracked a bit on changes to OneDrive.

All of this — and more — is just a click away in this edition of Mobile Nations Weekly!

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Android Central — New hardware, fresh emoji

Pixel C

After a bit of radio silence, Google came out to officially release the Pixel C tablet, and immediately put it up for sale. We have one in our hands, and will be working through it in the coming weeks. Right now, we have some first things to know about it, as well as a deeper look at the two keyboard options available.

In other pixel-related news (note the lower-case "p"), we took our first extended look at the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, collecting our impressions on it and then also debating whether you really need a 4K screen today. Know what else are made up of pixels? New emoji. You can get them in the latest update on Nexuses.

Back to hardware, Fossil's Q Founder Android Wear watch is finally shipping out, and we've taken our first look at it. It looks like a solid contender, and starting at $275 it won't break the bank. Expect more on this hardware, too, in the coming weeks.

And not to bring everyone down on a sad note, but let's all pour one out for Mailbox and Carousel — Dropbox is killing both apps.

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CrackBerry — Privspansion

Priv's first software update now available for Bell, Rogers and TELUS customers

Picking up a little bit where we left off last week, BlackBerry and several Canadian carriers such as Bell, Telus and Rogers have now pushed out the first maintenance release for the Priv. This week also saw BlackBerry add Walmart to the list of retailers selling the Priv, something stock watchers appeared to like as the stock rose off the news had sold out shortly after being made available on the site. To close this one out, we also got some news from QNX as they have announced a new technology partnership with AdasWorks and will be working on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. We'll see more of this at CES 2016.

iMore — Do the Humpty Hump!

Don't stop. Won't stop. No sooner did we review the iPad Pro than Apple released yet more new products. Yes, this late in the year. Why? WHHHHYYYYY? Because they can. And they can also, apparently, break the internet with epic nerd-hurtery over humps and smarts. More on that in a moment.

We also got bits to go with the atoms, including iOS 9.2, tvOS 9.1, watchOS 2.1, and OS X 10.11.2. Phew! Update now and here's something to read while you wait!

Windows Central — Updates for everyone!

Microsoft this week pushed out Windows 10 build 10586.29 to both PC and Mobile at the same to users. The event is a great example of how there is truly just one OS now. Even more impressive was their ability to update the Lumia 950 on AT&T and other carriers. We explained how the new architecture in Windows 10 let Microsoft update the OS without carriers interfering.

The Microsoft Band 2 finally got music controls and they are super impressive. Browser extensions for Microsoft Edge are also super near.

For apps, the popular music creation app Figure by Propellerhead landed on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile ahead of Android. Uber also released their universal app for Windows 10, and it has a nifty Live Tile that shows all the Uber cars in your area and how many minutes away they are from you.

Finally, we went hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi4 with Windows 10 Mobile, reviewed the kid-friendly Kurio Smart two-in-one, tried the Kinect on Windows 10, and we gave the Vector Smartwatch a spin with our Lumia 950.

Kicked — Office Surfboards

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