It's time. Time for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It's both a huge release for Samsung and something of an iteration at the same time. It retains a lot of the design language of the latest Note and S lines with a refined aesthetic, and is practically the same phone inside as the S7, but goes all-in on the big (and curved) display, S Pen stylus, and even USB-C. That new-fangled USB port necessitated an updated Gear VR headset, which Samsung used as an opportunity to make a few notable improvements to the phone-driven VR experience.

Microsoft joined the huge launches part with their own Xbox One S, an updated Xbox One that's a little faster, a lot sleeker, and 100% more 4K. Along with that came the Xbox One Summer Update with Cortana and Xbox apps. Oh, and a big release on the Windows side as well: the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

There's a bit of a shake-up going on in Apple's secretive car project, with Apple hardware veteran Bob Mansfield returning to take over. Apple also did something we've never seen them do before — or fathomed they would consider: they're offering a bounty to hackers to break into the iPhone's most secure chip (all in the interests of finding and securing any vulnerability discovered).

All of that and much much more in this edition of Mobile Nations Weekly/