Mobile Nations Weekly: WWDC, E3, OnePlus, and more

Out in San Francisco, iMore rocked the town for WWDC 2016, where Apple came out with a refined and bolder vision for iOS 10, a smarter and Siri-er macOS Sierra, a rethinking of all the frustrations of the Apple Watch, and much more.

Normally when you announce a new product, you don't also announce the next version of that product. But that's what Microsoft did with the Xbox One S — an impressively slimmed down and improved version of the current Xbox One coming latter this summer — and the 4K gaming VR-capable Project Scorpio due until late 2017. And if there's one other thing we took away from E3, it's that VR is here and the major players in gaming are investing heavily.

OnePlus is back with their latest flagship phone: the OnePlus 3, and it's a darned impressive phone. Not just that, we're also relieved that OnePlus has decided to drop the frustrating and gimmicky invites system and is just listing them on their store to buy right away.

Tesla's ramp-up to the Model 3 late next year continues, and they hit the 2,000-vehicles-a-week mark recently on their way — though there's still a lot of growth to do. And to get their cars in front of more customers, Tesla's trying something different: they're putting a Tesla Store inside a Nordstrom in LA.

Oh, and Microsoft went and bought LinkedIn for $26 billion. Because why not?

iMore — No! Sleep! At Dub Dub!

WWDC 2016 has come and gone but its aftermath will continue to play out for month to come. As expected, it was a software-centric show with updates to all four — yup, this year there's four — of Apple's platform. There was also one more thing: The introduction of Swift Playgrounds, perhaps the most accessible new programming environment since Hypercard.

We've only just begun covering all the new features and what they'll mean for you, so keep it locked to iMore!

Android Central — One plus you

The big news this week was the launch of the OnePlus 3 — it brings a lot of high-end specs to rival the competition, has a great price, and turns out to be a pretty darn good phone overall. Best of all, invites aren't required, so you can just buy one right away. In somewhat related news, OnePlus says there won't be a successor to the OnePlus X.

In other news, Google Play is now arriving on Chromebooks, starting with the latest dev channel update on the ASUS Chromebook Flip — be ready for this to expand to others in the next couple of months.

Google also pushed out the newest version of the Android N Developer Preview, including a nice little troll in the "about" screen.

Looking to pick up a Nexus device on a deal? There's a great discount available for a 32GB Nexus 5X, and eBay has the Nexus 6 on steep discount as well.

CrackBerry — Marshing the mallow

Android Marshmallow beta now available for AT&T Priv owners

As BlackBerry gears up to announce their Q1 2017 results on June 23, they continue to roll out Android Marshmallow to Priv owners. This time around, AT&T Priv owners have been invited to the beta while T-Mobile customers can now get the official release. Additionally, this week BlackBerry also further expanded their BBM Video rollout for iPhone and Android bringing Europe and Africa to the fold.

Tesla Central — New channels

Tesla Model X bike rack

Tesla's in an expansion mode. First up is the expansion of production capacity — for the first time Tesla has exceeded the 2,000-vehicles-a-week mark. Granted, that's a far way from the nearly 10,000/week they'll need to meet demand for the Tesla Model 3, but it's a start nonetheless. Speaking of meeting demand, one of Tesla's weaker points is their reach — they have just over 200 stores globally and their website, which makes it hard to give the tires a good kicking before you fork over your hard-earned cash. So Tesla is setting up shop inside of Nordstrom, at least as part of a pilot. Now you can get a new pair of slacks and a Tesla Model X all in one stop.

But for those of you that own an older Tesla Model S, there's hope for the now-outdated style of your sedan. Of course, you could embrace the vintage look, or you could go aftermarket with a replacement nose cover that apes the new look. It's $2,500 for a fresh look — or $66,000 and up for a new car. Your call.

Windows Central — Title title title

Microsoft was at E3 this week and announced two new Xbox consoles. One is the Xbox One S due this August and is a slimmer version that can also do 4K video. Project Scorpio is not due until late 2017, but it promises to be the most powerful console ever besting the forthcoming PlayStation 4.5. Scorpio will be able to do true 4K and VR gaming. Out of nowhere Microsoft bought the worked-related social network LinkedIn for a massive $26 billion. Both companies have big plans to transform the workplace model of company directories and to help "reinvent productivity in business".

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is nearing the end of its development, and we're seeing rapid releases for Insiders. Those on the Fast Ring saw two OS updates this week for PC and Mobile (14366 and 14367), bringing many fixes, improvements, and 23 new languages for handwriting recognition. Cross-device notifications and Quick actions also saw changes.

For non-Insiders, Microsoft released 10586.420 cumulate update for all Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices to address some bugs, improve performance, and patch any additional issues.

Finally, Microsoft's Groove Music unveiled its forthcoming Your Groove curated playlists that compete with services like Pandora and Songza (before it was acquired by Google). Users in the Insider Fast Ring are getting a sneak peek starting this week.

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