MobileMe Windows Control Panel Panic

Another day, another potential problem with MobileMe? Fair enough, some Windows users were made a little hyper-sensitive a while back when Apple included Safari as a pre-selected update alongside Windows iTunes 7.6. An uproar arose, and Apple responded by shifting Safari slightly downward and into its own section.

Now comes word that iTunes 7.7 installed a MobileMe section into Windows Control Panel (similar to the Quicktime section) -- whether you use MobileMe or not.

Sure, Apple is engaging Windows users like never before. Their largest iPod and iPhone installed base, Windows users have had Quicktime forever (Microsoft's own shenanigans in that arena aside), iTunes for a long time, Safari last year, and now MobileMe (kinda sorta, depending on whether or its or not at any given moment). Some, however, are taking issue with the methods of this engagement, and the "trojan horse" like way Apple is choosing to slip new initiatives in alongside established applications.

Are you a Windows user? What do you think? Are you happy Apple is providing features even if you don't currently use them, or would you prefer they wait until you ask them for those features before installing on your machine?


Rene Ritchie

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