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mommy to be is a pregnancy tracking application for the iPhone. It provides detailed weekly information, photos, tips, and a place to store notes.

The home screen of mommy to be displays how many weeks you are into your pregnancy, your baby's length and size, a meter to visually see how far you've progressed, and much more. There is also a new photograph displayed for each week. Although these photographs are very nice, I would prefer to see a picture that shows how the fetus looks at this stage in development. One thing I found strange about mommy to be is that the accomplished number of weeks is correct, but the current week is one week ahead. My suspicion is that since this app was developed in Europe, they count their weeks different than we do in the US.

In addition to the home screen, there are tabs for "You" and "Your Baby". Here you'll find detailed information about what to expect with your body and the developmental changes that are happening with your baby. One or both of theses sections will generally also include a cute picture that is related to the topic being discussed.

The tips tab is an excellent section of this app. Each week, mommy to be gives you a different tip related to pregnancy, babies, shopping, or anything that is related to being pregnant. I find this part especially helpful as a first-time mom.

mommy to be is a great pregnancy application that offers a lot of useful information. This app will be good companion for any pregnant woman wanting to track their pregnancy and learn about the process on the way.

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  • Excellent information provided in the "You" and "Your Baby" sections
  • A new practical hint each week - great for first-time moms!
  • Email information from notes and "Today"
  • Quickly view information from previous or future weeks


  • Week calculation is one week ahead of traditional counting
  • Text size is very small with no setting to make larger
  • Weekly photos are not of fetus, but other random baby-related photos

[$4.99 - iTunes link]

TiPb iPhone 3.5-star rated

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