MrMobile lost his DJI Spark

"Come home," I commanded the brand-new DJI Spark hovering 90 feet above my head. "Ok!" it cheerfully acknowledged. And then it promptly turned and flew off into the distance, never to be seen again.

After I got over my crying fits and had a little memorial service for MrSparky, I did some Googling and found that this phenomenon (which is called "drone flyaway") is actually not all that uncommon – and certainly not unique to the DJI Spark. And while a runaway drone can indeed be caused by a defect, in my case it comes down to the most embarrassing two-word term in dronesmanship: "pilot error."

Check out my DJI Spark video to see all the things that I did wrong to lose MrSparky forever, and hit this link if you want to help convince dbrand I'm not a world-class moron (or, more to the point, if you just want a drone skin like the one in the video). Don't worry: I've got a replacement DJI Spark coming for the full review in the next few weeks – and I promise to follow my own advice so I don't lose that one.

Stay social, my friends