Mujjo Folio Sleeve for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro review: More than just a sleeve

A sleeve is different from a case. It's meant to be slim, lightweight, and fit inside some larger bag. The joy of having a sleeve is that it doesn't add much weight to your daily carry. Most sleeves, however, have little or no additional features. The Folio Sleeve from Mujjo has a nice surprise inside that gives it a leg up against the competition.

The Good

  • Handcrafted design
  • Full-sided leather
  • Secure zipper closure
  • Inner pockets

The Bad

  • No drop protection
  • Not snug

A sleeve for all ocassions

Mujjo Folio Sleeve: The features

The zipper of the Folio Sleeve is a nice addition

The sleeve is crafted from very thick felt, similar to the rest Mujjo's sleeve line. The back side is double-thick with two layers of felt sewn together with that iconic exposed stitching.

The biggest difference on the outside is that the Folio Sleeve has an entire leather panel on the front, as opposed to a leather flap.

Though technically a sleeve, it has a zipper that opens all the way across three sides, making it easy to slip your MacBook or MacBook Pro in and out, plus access anything else you have stored inside.

Which leads me to the most important feature — the pockets. There is one wide pocket, designed to fit important papers, like contracts. There is one smaller pocket for stuffing receipts or even storing your USB-C cable (though not your wall plug). The cardholder can easily store more than just a few credit cards, business cards, and your ID.

Those pockets

Mujjo Folio Sleeve: What I like

I love pockets inside the Folio Sleeve

To begin with, the design of the Folio Sleeve is fantastic. It has that attractive executive folio look and works perfectly in black. It has a slight dip at the top and a complimentary one at the bottom stitched into the leather. The exposed stitching all around gives it that hand-crafted look of superior quality.

I love that Mujjo has decided to go full-leather on one entire side of this sleeve. The accented leather flap of the company's other sleeves provide a great look, but having one full-grain, tanned leather side is striking, to say the least.

The three-sided zipper closure is more than just a nice look. It's useful and secure. You won't have any issue with your MacBook or MacBook Pro falling out in your bag, and you can open up the sleeve more than you would if it were a traditional one-sided sleeve. The zipper pulls also have enough room for a small lock. If you're really worried about security, you could lock the zipper pulls together.

Of course, the thing I love the most about the Folio Sleeve is that there are a couple of pockets attached to the inner lining. You can store important papers, pencils or pens, credit cards and your ID, and a few additional odds and ends. The pockets are big enough and loose enough for quite a bit in such a small space.


Mujjo Folio Sleeve: What I don't like

That space though - inside the Folio Sleeve

The specially treated felt that covers the Folio Case is thick. It offers a bit of padding for the odd bump and crash. The zipper, however, leaves the most vulnerable parts of your MacBook exposed: the sides and corners. If your Mac laptop slips out of your hands, it might as well be case-less for the good that this case will do on those unprotected corners.

The good thing about the Folio Sleeve is that it leaves room for those additional items you want to take with you. The bad thing is that it isn't a snug fit. There is a good half-inch around the MacBook Pro inside the sleeve and it doesn't hold it in place. I prefer a sleeve that my MacBook fits tightly into. It's a more secure feeling than knowing that my Mac is sliding around, being jostled about inside.

Bottom line

Mujjo Folio Sleeve

Quality craftsmanship of Mujjo Folio Sleeve

A sleeve that is minimal and slim, but also offers a bit of usefulness outside of just being a sleeve is all I could ask for. Mujjo's Folio Sleeve is just that. It looks like it's meant for the board room, but is versatile enough to take to the coffee shop.

The pockets in the inner lining are what really won me over. They don't take up much space, but you can pack a lot into them, including a pen or two. With the right organization, you could leave home with nothing but your most important things tucked into the Folio Sleeve.

Those unprotected edges are the main thing you'll have to consider. Most people don't tend to drop their laptops on the ground, but if you are worried about it, you may want to get a case to go with your sleeve. Chances are it will fit since there's room to grow inside the Folio Sleeve.

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