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The iPad is a powerful, portable slice of technology that's easy to bring along with you for entertainment, creation, and work on the go. But the fact that it's so portable means that you'll be exposing it to more situations where it might be bumped or dropped. Keep it protected with one of our picks of the best iPad cases out there.

But what makes a great case? Of course, protection is important. But do you need to protect the screen, the edges, the back, or all three? This will depend on how you use your iPad, but generally, all-over protection is ideal. However, you might be willing to sacrifice some amount of shielding in order to have a sleeker, lighter case. You also might slide your iPad and its case into a sleeve for further protection while traveling. Ultimately, that's up to you, so consider how you use (and potentially misuse) your best iPad

You'll also want to consider any added functionality that might be useful for you. Many cases have a folding a stand to prop up your iPad at various angles. Keyboard cases allow you to touch type quickly, but might be overkill if you don't need that. Some keyboard cases even have a trackpad for a more computer-like experience. If you use an Apple Pencil, you'll probably want to choose a case that stows it safely (and allows charging, if you use the Apple Pencil 2.)  

The best iPad case for you

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While this article divides up the cases by iPad model, many of these cases are also available for other models. We also have articles for each model, such as the best cases for iPad Pro with M2 chip, best iPad Air 5 cases, the best cases for iPad mini 6 and even more specific guides, like the best 10.2-inch iPad heavy duty cases.

This article covers only the iPad models currently sold by Apple: the iPad Pro with M2 chip (both the 11-inch and 12.9 inch sizes), iPad Air 5, iPad 10th generation, iPad 9th generation, and iPad mini 6. If you're looking for an older model not mentioned in this article, search the site, because it's likely we have a roundup specifically for that model, too.

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Which of the best iPad cases is best for you?

First and foremost, you'll want to make sure that the case you're choosing is compatible with your iPad model. Don't guess and figure it will be "close enough," a case that doesn't fit properly or allow your iPad to function properly is no protection at all. Then you just want to choose the level of protection, form factor, and style that works best for you. Remember that many of the styles that you see under one iPad section are also available for other iPad models as well, check the listing to find out. If a particular case is good for one model, it's good for all of the models.

When it comes to choosing the best case for your needs, it's always a good idea to keep in mind how you'll be using your iPad. We're always partial to Apple designs, like the beautiful cantilevered Magic Keyboard that works with several different models. If you're going to be using your iPad for work or school, a keyboard design like this with a trackpad is going to help you get the most out of your iPad. 

But we also like less expensive designs from tried and true brands like tomtoc, ESR, Spigen, and more. We often use these cases from cheaper brands in our personal lives and they suit us just fine. As long as you get the features you need, whether it's drop protection, Sleep/Wake functionality, a folding stand, a keyboard, an Apple Pencil holder, or whatever, the price doesn't always mean a better case. Choose the case that suits your budget and style.

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