NCSettings for iPhone and iPad review [jailbreak]

NCSettings for iPhone and iPad adds a row of system toggles to Notification Center for commonly used settings such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, brightness, and airplane mode. It's very similar to the system toggles you'd find in SBSettings but integrated in a way that's much more consistent with the default look of iOS.


When you first install NCSettings to your iPhone or iPad you'll have to hop into Settings and enable it under Notifications. Move it up and down to wherever you'd like it to appear in Notification Center. I prefer it all the way at the top above the weather widget but you can place it where you'd like. Once you've done that, just pull down your Notification Center shade and you'll notice a new row of icons. These are system toggles just like many are already used to having in SBSettings.


You can edit and remove toggles you don't want to use by adding, moving, and reordering them under Settings. You can also change things like the icon spacing and how volume and vibrate toggles function. NCSettings currently has options for brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, airplane mode, 3G, cellular data, private browsing, location services, auto-lock, power, silent, vibrate, lock rotation, and volume.

The thing I really like about NCSettings opposed to SBSettings is that it blends really nicely into iOS and doesn't look like it's out of place. It isn't as full featured as SBSettings and won't give you options like changing the carrier banner or managing memory but if you don't require those features and just want access to system toggles, NCSettings is a great choice.

The good

  • Blends in with Notification Center perfectly for a cleaner look and feel
  • Supports a good amount of toggles stock
  • Allows you to rearrange your toggles in whatever order you'd like

The bad

  • Not as powerful as SBSettings
  • Doesn't have themes and additional toggles


NCSettings natively supports almost every system toggle you'd want or need and it's super easy to configure. Many jailbreak apps have confusing Settings panels and are overloaded with options. That's not the case here and it's about as Apple like as you're going to get.

If all you want is system toggles and don't need all the additional options SBSettings provides, NCSettings is a great choice. Many users may actually prefer it.

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Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • I can't believe they added a VPN toggle but still there isn't one for SSH.
  • Great addition to iOS. This should be one of the features added to iOS 6.
  • Agreed. I would love to have this....just don't want to JB to get it. Fingers crossed its part of iOS6 in some way.....
  • IntelliscreenX has this built right into it as well in an even better design (IMHO). Selectable toggles, swipe for toggle that don't fit on the first row - very clean and simple.
  • SBSettings used to be in Notification Center, but my most recent jailbreak doesn't seem to allow that. That makes me tempted by this offering.
    That said, I'd like to be able to manage memory. And THAT said, it's less of an issue on the new iPad than on my original iPad.
  • If ur on iOS 5, there's an option to enable the notification center toggles and also add a theme. The icons are bigger on SBSettings which is part of the reason why I chose that over NCSettings.
  • Thanks.
  • Worked fine for me before I installed Dashboard X which I really like, it would crash my springboard about every hour or so. I uninstalled NCsettings and all is fine, but there was a update to Dashboard X yesterday so I may try to reinstall NCsettings to see if it plays nice together now.
    I think I still like SBSetting better, I prefer the toggles I have access to in SBSetting compared to NCsettings but I know a lot of other people prefer NCsettings.
  • I prefer this over SBSettings. Much more simple, which is how I prefer it. I mostly used SBSettings to for wifi/brightness and this allows me to do that in a cleaner more iOS like way.
  • Can't figure out what the "Toggle Text" option does. Anyone?
  • Suppose I should also add that I like the clean look of this and I've added NCsettings to my notification center and removed the toggles from SBsettings (although I still continue to use SBsettings as an app for its many other features). Both apps seem to run fine without conflicts, except that if you (for no good reason) use both sets of toggles the app you don't toggle a feature with will not reflect the correctly toggled state -- so don't do that.
    Thanks to the developer and thanks to iMore for the head's up.
  • I switched to this over SB settings as well, It looks nicer and is easier to use.
  • I just wish NCsettings had a hotspot toggle cuz I use that a lot which is the only thing that's keeping me from ditching SBSettings.
  • Nc settings is so much better than SB settings. SB settings is probably one of the worst JB apps imo, it doesnt sit right in the notification center, the respring button never seems to work, and the whole thing is just ugly as hell to my eyes.(unless u theme in, but it still doesnt sit centered in NC) i kept it strictly for what NCsettings offers, and deleted it as soon as i found NCsettings to replace it.
    i agree this functionality should be in vanilla ios, but it probably never will be for whatever assanine reason.
    things that take a button tap in android and BBos take like 4screens of taps on ios its absolutely absurd at this point.
  • I agree that NC looks nicer. One of the main reasons I wanted a quick toggle app was for the personal hotspot and I can't seem to find any that work. I tried the add on for SB but it doesn't work right. It will enable the hotspot, but it will not turn it off. Has anyone found anything that works?
  • I think if we all try emailing the author of NCsettings, he might add that toggle. I emailed him this afternoon and still haven't got a reply yet.
  • And I'm sure it's possible to fit one more icon on both portrait and landscape mode in NCsettings. Hopefully he increases the max in the upcoming update.
  • Ncsettings is great the only thing missing is to add more color effects to it. Like glowing blue or green instead of only white option. I tried emailing the author but he never replied niether added that in his 10 updates since it came out.
  • I too love the NCSettings. It blends nicely, & doesn't have awkward colours to make it stand out. Also, being just 1 row, as apposed to several rows makes it look cleaner & more appealing.
    Thank you to the dev for making it & being free.
  • I savour, cause I found exactly what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye