The new iOttie iTap 2 magnetic mounts are designed for larger smartphones

The new iTap Magnetic 2 car mount series from iOttie includes stronger magnets, larger models, and a variety of ways to secure your smartphone to your car. For a while there, smartphones were getting smaller. Now we're seeing a lot of Plus sizes and larger screens. The iTap Magnetic 2 appeals to these larger phones while still giving you the flexibility to use something smaller.

Each version of the iTap will start at $24.95, so the only real difference is how you want to attach them to your car. The mounts will work with both Apple and Android smartphones. Each model comes with a Metal Plate Kit that you'll attach to your smartphone so it can connect with the magnets of the mount. The kit has protective film to keep your phone in good shape, and the magnets allow you some flexibility to move and arrange your phone.

The dashboard and windshield iTap 2 includes two magnets to ensure your smartphone stays connected even while in its case. The suction cup is strong, reusable, and designed to cling well wherever you place it on the windshield. If you prefer a dashboard install, the pad will work on smooth and textured surfaces. It works on a ball joint to pivot and rotate for the best possible angle.

The iTap 2 air vent mount can secure itself to any air vent in your car using a strong Twist Lock mechanism. This is one of the easiest ones to install since it easily grabs hold of the air vent.

The final model from iOttie attaches the iTap 2 mount through your CD player slot. If you don't bother to use that part of your car's stereo anymore, it might as well find some use now.

You can also find these mounts on iOttie, although they seem to be $5 cheaper on Amazon.

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