New iPhone 5S part leaks show potential fingerprint sensor component

This morning we were passed along some interesting photos containing more components that could belong to the iPhone 5s. Most notably, a revised Home button cable that ditches the traditional contacts and adds a different kind of attachment as well as a dock that could be slightly revised from the current iPhone 5 dock. The interesting part is the amount of pins on the connector for the Home button assembly. There seem to be ten pins total shown in the photo and from what we know about past models, there's no need for an iPhone Home button to have that many pins unless it's performing some other type of function current iterations aren't capable of.

The flex cable contact looks similar to the iPhone 5 and would line up with the dock so it's possible it could be an unfinished version or a cable that got scrapped as a prototype. We can't be sure at this point.

While the dock connector doesn't seem to be revised too much, there are slight differences by the screw threads that make it different enough that it most likely isn't the same dock found in the iPhone 5. Considering the iPhone 5c chassis is more narrow, this dock wouldn't fit it which leaves the iPhone 5s as the most likely culprit.

The other components in the photo are a little less interesting but still worth taking a look at what they are. The second cable from the left appears to be a power button flex assembly which would control not only power but volume and mute switch functionality. No differences really than what we see in the current iPhone 5. To the far right, we have what looks like an antenna system that has solder points that would connect to the logic board. Nothing too exciting as this is about the same as what we see at the top of the board in the iPhone 5. The antenna is then screwed into the top of the frame. This most likely will be the same in the iPhone 5s if these components are indeed legitimate.

Considering the current generation iPhone 5 doesn't have a Home button cable that even comes close to resembling this one, it could indicate that this cable can handle more functionality than previous iterations. The iPad 4 cable is long like this one but the connection type is completely different and unlike anything we've seen in an any kind of iOS device as far as Home buttons are concerned. A fingerprint sensor could be a selling point for Apple over the cheaper iPhone 5c so it isn't unreasonable that a feature like this would make an appearance to differentiate their flagship line over the cheaper model.

As always, we won't know for sure until Apple makes an announcement on September 10th. Thanks to the guys over at mendmyi for helping us get ahold of these photos and analyze the parts!

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.